Anthem's latest patch introduces Legendary Missions and new cosmetics

Image credit: EA / BioWare

Still flying your way through the sci-fi caves of Anthem? Then you'll want to hear about today's new patch which aims to further improve the beleaguered shooter.

The major new additions are the introduction of Legendary Missions. These are replayable battles from the story campaign that can be played over and over again, with a different one being available each day. There are six in total, retaining the same objectives as when played in the story mode, but offering a far greater challenge and better loot.

Kicking off the Legendary Mission series is the following story missions: Lost Arcanist, Incursion, Finding Old Friends, Tomb of General Tarsis, Fortress of Dawn, Freelancer Down.

Loot changes and cosmetic rewards

If you're chasing fancy cosmetics, you'll want to pay attention to the new Elysian Caches. A series of daily challenges will reward players with Elysian Keys, which can be used to unlock the caches which spawn upon defeating a Stronghold boss. Inside you'll find top-notch cosmetic gear.

There will be 67 of these vanity unlocks at launch, and include everything from vinyls to emotes and victory poses. In a nice touch, you won't find yourself getting duplicate rewards until you've managed to acquire all 67 unlocks.

And once again, the general Anthem loot system is being reworked to be more generous. You'll get extra gear from chests in freeplay, missions and strongholds, tough creatures like Titans will drop more loot than before, and boss loot stands a greater chance of being Masterwork or Legendary rating.

The patch rounds up with a bunch of bug fixes and, for PC players, performance improvements and new graphical features.

Anthem has had a tough beginning to its life, despite its lofty premise and huge budget. Little changes like this will go a long way to improve its playerbase's quality of life, but only time will tell if its potential audience has already been scared away.

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