Anthem is causing some consoles to crash – here's what to do if it happens to you

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Update: In order to "determine the root cause" EA is asking PS4 players experiencing crash issues to report them via a dedicated EA Answers HQ (opens in new tab) thread.

BioWare's Anthem has had a fairly rocky launch that has included server issues, bugs and a lack of end-game content. Now, it seems the title is crashing some player's consoles.

Over on Reddit, there are several threads (opens in new tab) that see both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players reporting that Anthem causes their entire console to crash – with many reporting the crash issue has occurred more than once (opens in new tab). In fact, "due to the high volume of these kinds of posts", Reddit is now redirecting players to an Anthem bugs, errors and issues mega-thread.

The same console crashing issues have been reported on EA's official Anthem Answers HQ (opens in new tab).

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What to do if Anthem crashes your console

Currently BioWare is asking players experiencing bugs or issues to report them on at EA's Answers HQ (opens in new tab) or on the Reddit mega-thread (opens in new tab). For more serious issues such as the console crashes, it is suggested players contact EA Help (opens in new tab).

However, some PlayStation 4 players have reported that Sony is offering a complete refund for those affected by crashing issues.

Redditor SoundAndFury87 (opens in new tab) wrote, "Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem no questions asked. Took me five minutes."

Similarly, Redditor bluetidepro (opens in new tab) said that, when they contacted PlayStation support chat they, Sony "helped right away" and gave them a refund. 

To request a refund from Sony, you can contact PlayStation Support (opens in new tab). While Sony is known for rarely giving refunds, it appears that in this case (of a potentially broken game), an exception is being made.

For Xbox One players (opens in new tab), outside of using EA's support, the answer is less clear. However, you can attempt a refund via Xbox Support (opens in new tab)

TechRadar has contacted EA for comment and will update this story as applicable.

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