Want a 65-inch 4K TV on the cheap? Panasonic has knocked 30% off the HX940

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If you're after a brand new smart TV, you may want to check out the early buyer discount Panasonic is currently running on two of its new-for-2020 TV models: the 65-inch HX940 and 43-inch HX580.

The HX940 is Panasonic's flagship 4K LCD TV for 2020, with its latest HCX Pro Intelligent Processor, as well as Dolby Atmos audio and universal HDR support (HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG and HLG Photo all included). There is a larger 75-inch model available, but only the 65-inch is getting the early buyer discount, which slashes 30% off its RRP to just £1,189.

The HX580, on the other hand, is a lower-range model, though still packing a 4K HDR screen and the same universal HDR support. It's only seeing a discount on its smallest 43-inch size – down to £349 from £499 – so may prove a real bargain for those after a compact and affordable set.

The HX940 will be better for those with higher picture expectations, or those wanting a TV with an HDMI 2.1 output (for 4K/120Hz video, or connecting next-gen game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X). Both models feature the same 20W audio output, too.

Today's best Panasonic 4K TV deals

Panasonic HX940 65-inch 4K TV | £1,699

Panasonic HX940 65-inch 4K TV | £1,699 £1,189 at Panasonic
This is Panasonic's flagship LCD 4K TV this year, meaning that any saving at all so soon is surprising. It isn't currently in stock, according to the website, but you can order now and get the set when it becomes available.

Panasonic HX580 43-inch 4K TV | £499

Panasonic HX580 43-inch 4K TV | £499 £349 at Panasonic
A smaller and cheaper model, you're paying just £349 for a 4K HDR screen. Don't expect as premium processing as the HX940, but you're still getting fantastic HDR support at a very small size.

If you're after quality over a deal, though, you might want to consider the HZ1000 or HZ1500 OLED TVs, both of which received high-praising reviews from TechRadar.

Panasonic's LCD sets can get a bit overlooked, given how hard the company is pushing its premium OLED models. But its cheaper LCD sets are still well worth a look, especially given the broad format support you'll find even on budget models.

Panasonic has released a new mid-range OLED model for 2020, too – the HZ980 – which might offer a better price-to-performance ratio than the brand's other OLED sets.

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