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The Janes' criminal files
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Before the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, abortion was illegal in most US states. Consequently, coming together to provide pregnant women with safe and affordable treatment was an underground collective of socially conscious, kick-ass women dubbed “Jane”. Just read below for how watch The Janes online now with HBO Max, which charts their legacy in 1970s America and beyond.

Watch The Janes online

Premiere date: Wednesday, June 8

Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins

Director: Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes

Cast: Heather Booth, Judith Arcana, Marie Leaner, Diane Stevens, Eleanor Oliver

Streaming Options: HBO Max (US) | Crave (CA) | Binge (AU)

The Janes arrives at a moment in US history where reproductive laws could well be rolled back, according to a leaked document from the Supreme Court. So this new documentary from Emma Pildes (Jane Fonda in Five Acts) and Tia Lessin (Trouble the Water) is a charged reminder of the bravery of the women that formed “Jane” and the importance of Roe v. Wade.

The movie includes first-hand accounts from the “Janes” themselves – among them Heather Booth, Eleanor Oliver, Marie Leaner, Judith Arcana, and Diane Stevens – in addition to the women who procured their assistance, many of whose stories have only now been committed to film.

The collective carried out over 11,000 abortions, with the clandestine group operating in defiance of the law to help desperate women. And while seven of them were arrested in 1972 and each charged with 110 years behind bars, the eventual passing of Roe v. Wade saw them pardoned and their work no longer required.

You can catch this gripping documentary exclusively on HBO Max now. Below are all the details you'll need on how to watch The Janes online.

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How to watch The Janes on HBO Max in the US

Wednesday, 8 June9pm ET/PT

The new HBO documentary arrives on Wednesday, 8 June. Those with cable or an IPTV service that includes HBO can catch it at 9pm ET/PT, while cord-cutters will want to subscribe to HBO Max to stream this incendiary, hot-topic film on-demand.

If you're not already a HBO Max subscriber and are curious about the service, the first thing to know is there are two HBO Max price points - $9.99 a month with commercials, or the 4K HDR, commercial-free subscription at $14.99 that also brings 4K streams and Dolby Atmos sound. 

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What else can I watch on HBO Max?

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How to watch The Janes online for free in Canada


Synchronous with its US release, Canadian viewers can also watch The Janes from Wednesday, June 8 at 9pm ET/PT on linear channel Crave, or on-demand via its streaming service, also Crave.

An entry-level plan for the VOD platform costs CND$9.99 a month (plus tax) – or $CND19.99 if you want more streams and better video quality. But even better is that new subscribers can try a 7-Day Free Trial before paying a thing.

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Can I watch The Janes online in the UK?

Unfortunately there’s no word right now whether The Janes will be getting a UK release. But with Sky TV the home of many HBO shows and movies – like The Staircase, The Flight Attendant and Game of Thrones – it should hopefully end up here, or on Sky’s streaming platform NOW, sooner or later.

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How to watch The Janes online for FREE in Australia


Down Under and documentary fans can enjoy this jaw-dropping film from Thursday, June 9, either through on-demand streamer Binge or cable and IPTV provider Foxtel.

Starting at just AU$10 a month, Binge is very temptingly priced, and new customers are entitled to a generous 14-day FREE trial – which means you can try before you buy. 

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