6 Fitbit holiday gifts for fitness lovers, from watches and trackers to stylish bands

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Fitbit may have had its ups and downs this year, but the word ‘Fitbit’ is still synonymous with ‘fitness tracker’ in the same way ‘Google’ is synonymous with ‘search engine’. The best Fitbits are excellent, reliable devices, boasting the same quality as they have for well over a decade. 

If you want a smart step counter from a Fitbit fitness tracker today, no problem. You can have it. But there’s much more advanced stuff to see from Fitbit these days, and you’ll be able to find discounts on almost every kind of Fitbit in the Christmas sales, as they make great gifts. A watch like the Fitbit Sense 2 can give your heart a quick check-up to look for signs something might be up, using its ECG sensor. The Fitbit Versa 4 will relay travel directions from Google Maps on your phone. 

And even entry-level Fitbit watches like the Fitbit Inspire 3 make for some of the best sleep trackers, monitoring your health and recovery, as its slender profile doesn’t bother you overnight. Passive fitness tracking doesn’t stop when you head to bed. 

We’ve used every single Fitbit product since the company’s first back in 2009. Below you’ll find the picks we tend to recommend most often today. As well as actual Fitbit trackers for folks new to Fitbit, or looking for an upgrade, we’ll offer a few accessory suggestions, should the person you’re buying for be perfectly happy with the Fitbit they already own. 

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