These Black Friday board game deals from Walmart have family time wrapped up

Board game deals
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The Black Friday deals are ramping up, and there are lots of great discounts on toys and games on offer from outlets such as Walmart. Games in particular are seeing discounts across titles for kids and adults, so however you want to spend the holiday season, we're betting there's a game for you.

Check out some of the deals on offer below. If you're still looking for ways to keep kids (and big kids) occupied over the holidays, you can also try our Black Friday Lego deals page. 

Games for adults

Now $29.99 at Walmart

Ticket To Ride train adventure game: was $47.99 Now $29.99 at Walmart
Ticket To Ride is a wonderful, ever-popular game where you play as rival railway builders attempting to link major American cities together. It's easy to learn and devious to play, like all the best games, and you can save almost $20.

Now $39.99 at Walmart

Settlers of Catan: was $47.99 Now $39.99 at Walmart
Catan is a classic strategy game and a favorite the world over. Games often take hours, so it's not one for a quick session, but if you like dedicating an afternoon to a board game, this is the perfect way to spend a lazy Thanksgiving weekend with your friends. 

Now $14.98 at Walmart

Codenames Pictures: was $19.97 Now $14.98 at Walmart
This deceptively simple word association party game has you playing as two rival teams of spies. Guess the secret codes and pick up all your cards before your opponents, but don't pick the "assassin" card! A great casual game to play after Thanksgiving dinner.

now 18.92 at Walmart

Squid Game: was $24.99 now 18.92 at Walmart
A game for 3-6 players, replicate the hit TV show (without all the gruesome death) with tabletop versions of some of the show's games, like Red Light Green Light, Tug of War and more. A great buy for serious Squid Game fans.

Now $14.42 at Walmart

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: was $17.41 Now $14.42 at Walmart
The already-discounted D&D starter set is now reduced even further. You get a rulebook, six dice, and an adventure with around 20 hours' worth of content perfect for budding adventurers.

Games for kids

Now $6.00 at Walmart

Pop-o-Matic Trouble: was $11.99 Now $6.00 at Walmart
Half-price Trouble is a cheap and cheerful way to keep young kids occupied for just a few dollars, and they'll have great fun with the classic spring-loaded bubble dice mechanism at the center of the board.

Now $6.00 at Walmart

Clue: was $11.99 Now $6.00 at Walmart
Another half-price classic, Clue is a sure-fire way to entertain the whole family (provided the kids are over eight) as you work against each other to solve the murder mystery. Was it Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick? Get it to find out. 

Now $16.34 at Walmart

Monopoly: was $19.99 Now $16.34 at Walmart
Almost every household has a game of Monopoly. If yours doesn't yet, you can save a few dollars on this classic Christmas argument-starter which now has updated Community Chest cards voted for by players. 

Now $15.93 at Walmart

Jumanji Real Wooden Box Edition: was $19.99 Now $15.93 at Walmart
You're not going to get sucked into this game, but it is a premium-feeling wooden box rather than a simple plastic fold-out piece like most games of this price range. Show your kids the film over the holidays, then whack the game out for maximum effect. 

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