Sky Mobile's iPhone SE deals show just how affordable the new phone can be

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Like the sound of a brand new iPhone for £14 a month with nothing to pay upfront? Well, with its mega-cheap iPhone SE deals, Sky Mobile has made that a reality.

OK, so the deal in question only gets you a teeny tiny 100MB of data per month (so barely enough to check your emails and see what the weekend's weather will be looking like), but if you or somebody you know is after a small, powerful 2022 iPhone just to use at home and on Wi-Fi then it's an excellent price - available on the Sky Mobile website to pre-order now.

Don't like the idea of being constrained to such a small amount of data on your new iPhone SE? By cranking the monthly bills just a little way up to £21 per month, you get a much more generous 7GB of data each month together with unlimited calls and texts.

For a phone that's being marketed very much with the 'affordable' moniker, Sky Mobile's prices are currently leading the way (you can see a comparison of all the best early pre-order deals at the bottom of this page). Just note that its best pricing comes on its Swap24 tariffs, which bind you into a 36-month agreement - more on which below.

iPhone SE (2022) at Sky Mobile

iPhone SE (2022) at Sky Mobile | Swap24 | FREE upfront | 100MB-30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | From £14/pm
We correctly expected competition to be fierce on iPhone SE pre-order deals, but Sky Mobile is leading the way on the new handset thanks to its super-cheap Swap24 tariffs. Unlimited calls and texts come as standard, so all you have to do is match the data allowance to your needs:

- 100MB data / £14 a month
- 2GB data / £20 a month
- 3GB data / £21 a month
- 7GB data / £21 a month
- 14GB data / £24 a month
- 25GB data / £27 a month
- 30GB data / £29 a month

What is Swap24 from Sky Mobile?

It requires a few more grey cells to work out, but Sky Mobile's Swap24 tariff can be a great way to get your new phone and know that you'll have the chance to upgrade later down the line.

In essence, Swap24 is a 36-month contract with the option to upgrade after 24 months. As long as you're phone is in full working order, you can return it to Sky after 24 months which will help pay off the bills of whatever shiny new handset you choose to upgrade to in two years.

If you get to 24 months with your new iPhone SE and decide that you want to keep it for the remainder of the contract, you can do that too.

While the premise is simple, it is important to note that Sky states on their website "full working order with no physical damage".

You can also swap your phone out any time after the first 31 days, you just need to pay what's left in your contract balance after the value of your phone is taken into account.

Why go for Sky Mobile?

Looking past the obvious reason of the affordable pricing above, Sky Mobile has a few special features that make it stand out:

Roll: Don't use all of your data one month? No problem! Sky will let you roll it over into the next month. You can keep rolling data over for up to three years, perfect if there's a time when you'll need it more. You can even cash in your unused data for a range of rewards from Sky or gift it to other phones if you're on a family account.

Watch: If you're also a Sky TV customer, you can watch the Sky Go app on your mobile without using up data on your phone - perfect for train journeys.

Mix: Go for any of the prices above, and if you realise later down the line that the data cap you chose isn't enough, you can change it up at any time.

Swap: Sky lets you swap your phone contract after 24 months, meaning you can upgrade to a new phone if you like. Obviously, you will need to pay for the upgraded contract price, but otherwise, it is pretty simple. Just to be clear, Sky's Swap 24 plans keep you contracted for 36 months.

iPhone SE 2022

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What is the new Apple iPhone SE actually like?

The iPhone SE (2022) is the third iteration of Apple's mid-range handset, closing the gap between the new model and the tech giant's flagship handset, the iPhone 13.

Now equipped with 5G, the other most exciting inclusion in the new iPhone SE is the powerful A15 Bionic. While there aren't any differences in the hardware of its 12MP rear camera or 7MP selfie snapper, the more powerful chip will improve picture processing. The A15 Bionic also promises a boost in overall processing speeds and battery optimization.

This is all packed into the familiar 4.7-inch display with a thick bezel and chin, Touch ID 'home' button, and curved edges for those who don't love Apple's return to flatter frames. In the grand scheme of things, this lack of innovation in its design since it first adopted the iPhone 8 is probably one of the only drawbacks of the iPhone SE. 

In comparison, Google's Pixel 5a offers a seamless all-screen experience with the option of its fingerprint sensor on the back of the handset for those who are anti-Face ID. The 60Hz refresh rate is on par, though the comparable Samsung S21 FE have both beat at 120Hz - that's a seriously smooth, fluid screen.

You'll also get more powerful camera packages with the two Android models hosting dual set-ups. However, with the iPhone SE (2022) able to run the intuitive and glossy iOS15 interface, it's fair to say for many that will be the clincher in this powerful but affordable little iPhone.

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