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Are you wondering why your PC performances are lacking lately? This might be because your storage is filled with unwanted files and unused applications slowing down your operating system

It's really easy to download a document or a new app and then forget about it. We know, managing your PC hard disk can be a daunting task. The good news is that the best PC cleaner services are the perfect tool to perform this job for you. 

If you are after a powerful software but don't want to spend a fortune for it, you would be happy to know that Trend Micro's Cleaner One Pro is currently discounted by 50%. This lowers down the price from $59.99 to $29.99 for 1-year subscription covering up to five devices.  

That's not everything, though. TechRadar readers can even enjoy a further 10% off on top, bringing the fee to $24. No need to add any promo code for it, just make the purchase clicking on the link on this page.  

Below, you can find more details about the product and this amazing offer. 

Exclusive Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro deal:

Avast One

Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro 1 year, 5 devices: save 60% | $59.99 $24
Cleaning up your computer from junk files and apps has never been so easy. What's more, Cleaner One Pro has now lowered down the price for all its available 1-year subscriptions. 

You can either go for the 1-device plan discounted by 20%, reducing the fee from $24.99 to $19.99. For extra protection and value for your bucks, the one covering up to five devices comes with its price halved from $59.99 to $29.99. And, if that wouldn't be enough, Trend Micro is even throwing a further 10% discount for TechRadar readers only. 

Why using a PC cleaner

While you can clean up your computer from unwanted materials by yourself, a hard-disk cleaning manager makes your life way easier. 

As mention above, stay on top of your storage is important to enjoy better performances. Your computer might run faster, for example. 

You also won't need to deal with annoying situations like being enable to update your operating system or using a certain application because you run out of space. 

What's more, a PC cleaner will help you to keep all your files organized in just a couple of clicks. 

How good is Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro?

Available for both Mac and Windows, Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro is a really easy to use all-in-one disk cleaning manager. 

Its Smart Scan option gives you an overview of the computer's storage suggesting which unnecessary files you should remove. It also provides you with your device's health status and recommendations on how to optimize performances and avoid security risks. 

It frees up your computer from junk and unwanted big files, double docs and pics.  

For Windows users only, the Turbo Booster feature even stops the apps you don't use frequently from automatically starting. This also optimizes memory usage to improve performance.

While, Mac users can enjoy its File Shredder option to erase the hidden leftover files from deleted apps or Trash, making them unrecoverable. 

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