Samsung Galaxy tablets hit all-time low prices at Amazon UK for Black Friday

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
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Samsung has been making tablets as long as anybody, and its latest and greatest Galaxy Tab devices are getting a price cut at Amazon in the UK for Black Friday deals. You can find Samsung tablets from the ultra-premium Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra down to the cheapest Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, and all are some of the best Black Friday tablet deals we've seen. 

Starting with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with Amazon's price cut Samsung's best tablet is finally less expensive than the smaller, 11-inch Apple iPad Pro. Samsung gives you a much larger screen, plus pen support with a pen you get for free when you buy the tablet, unlike Apple's costly Pencil. 

You can also find a deal on the Galaxy Tab S8+, which may be the sleeper hit of the Galaxy Tab family. The Tab S8+ gives you a fantastic AMOLED display, which makes a huge difference in watching movies or playing the newest games. The Galaxy Tab S8 is also on sale, but we'd upgrade to the better display on the Tab S8+ if you can swing the extra cost. 

If you need to save, Samsung has some great bargain tablets available at a discount Black Friday deal price as well. The Galaxy Tab A8 gives you a nice big screen and a metal frame for a premium feel. The smaller Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a cheap tablet that you won't mind tossing in the backseat with your kids. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: up to £350 off
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 512GB: £1399£350 offGalaxy Tab S8 Ultra 128GB:£999£150 off

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: up to £350 off
Samsung's best tablets are on sale at Amazon, including this amazing deal on the biggest, baddest of them all, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. This is the lowest price we've seen on Samsung superpowered, 14.6-inch Android tablet. Unlike with the iPad, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra includes the S Pen. It may be more than most folks need, but if you want a tablet that can do everything, this is the one to buy.
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 512GB: £1399 £350 off
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 128GB: £999 £150 off

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+: £120 off
Galaxy Tab S8+ 256GB (Wi-Fi): £899£779Galaxy Tab S8+ 256GB (5G, Pink Gold):£899£779
Galaxy Tab S8+ 128GB (5G): £999£879

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+: £120 off
Samsung's best tablets are on sale at Amazon, including this amazing deal on the mid-range Galaxy Tab S8+. The Tab S8+ is a happy middle between the bigger Tab S8 Ultra and the Tab S8, and it gets an AMOLED display that makes a huge difference over the base model tablet. At 12.4-inches, this tablet competes directly with the iPad Pro and offers great value, with an included S Pen. This Amazon price is the lowest we've seen, and if you buy it in Pink Gold, you can get cellular connectivity and more storage for the same price as the Wi-Fi model.
Galaxy Tab S8+ 256GB (Wi-Fi): £899 £779
Galaxy Tab S8+ 256GB (5G, Pink Gold): £899 £779
Galaxy Tab S8+ 128GB (5G):
£999 £879

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: £100 off
Galaxy Tab S8 128GB (Wi-Fi): £649£549Galaxy Tab S8 256GB (Wi-Fi, Pink Gold):£699£599
Galaxy Tab S8 256GB (5G):£849

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: £100 off
Samsung's best tablets are on sale at Amazon, including this deal on the base model Galaxy Tab S8. The Tab S8 features an 11-inch display, and works with the included S Pen, a nice addition when Apple charges extra for a pen. This is the lowest price we've seen on Samsung's premiere tablet family. We prefer the upgraded Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra for the better AMOLED display, but the Galaxy Tab S8 is still a winning tablet.
Galaxy Tab S8 128GB (Wi-Fi): £649 £549
Galaxy Tab S8 256GB (Wi-Fi, Pink Gold): £699 £599
Galaxy Tab S8 256GB (5G):
£849 £749

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: £559£549 at AmazonSave £100

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: £559, £549 at Amazon
Save £100
The Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition (FE) gives you a big screen tablet experience and premium features like pen support. Plus, unlike Apple iPad, Samsung includes an S Pen with the Tab S7 FE. The tablet has a nice big battery and plenty of features, plus it looks slick if you pick the right color. Even though it lacks the OLED display of Samsung's fanciest Galaxy Tab devices, it's still an excellent Android tablet, and this Amazon deal offers the lowest price we've seen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: £219£159 at AmazonSave £60

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: £219, £159 at Amazon
Save £60
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 makes for a fine bargain tablet that doesn't have a cheap look and feel. The metal shell feels sleek and modern, and the screen is nice and large, though it isn't the fanciest screen you'll find on a Samsung tablet. This deal at Amazon makes the Galaxy Tab A8 a great buy, and the tablet is ready to be locked down if you want to hand it over to your kids. Both the Wi-FI and the 5G connected version get the same price cut. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: £149£119 at AmazonSave £30

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: £149, £119 at Amazon
Save £30
Even Samsung's cheapest tablet gets a price cut during Amazon's Black Friday tablet deals. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a no-frills tablet that can handle all of your favorite Android-based streaming services and browsing needs. It won't work with Samsung's S Pen like the fancier tablets, but it's a compact tablet that looks better than you'd expect from such a bargain device. Amazon is offering the same discount on Wi-Fi and LTE-connected tablets. 

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