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Black Friday iPad deals 2022: what we expect

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While we are still many months away from Black Friday, iPad deals are something people like to plan toward, so it’s worth looking to the future to guess at what the late-November sales season could bring.

That’s why we’ve written this article – to bring you all the information that’s pertinent, and nothing that isn’t.

Black Friday in 2022 falls on November 25, though in keeping with tradition, we’ll likely see deals begin weeks in advance and last until the close of day on Cyber Monday, which is November 28.

Through 2022, only one new iPad has launched – that’s the iPad Air (2022) – though according to some leakers, a   and entry-level iPad (2022) could debut the month before Black Friday. The launch of new products would make discounts on the last-gen versions much more likely.

Apple traditionally doesn’t discount its iPads by much during sales like Black Friday and Prime Day, which can be a shame for hopeful buyers. That point was made dramatically on Black Friday 2021, when deals were few and far between (and not very good when they were present).

So if you’re hoping for iPad Black Friday deals, it’s probably worth dosing your excitement with some hesitation – but that should be the rule for Black Friday, as discounts during the season are rarely as good as ones we see at other times.

Today's best iPad sales

We won't see official Black Friday iPad deals until november, with some early offers likely to appear from mid October. However, there are plenty of iPad deals to browse now if you can't wait until then for a new TV, or you're looking to spread out your spending.

Top US retailers
Amazon: regularly features the best deals across multiple iPad models (opens in new tab)
B&H Photo: an alternative to the big names with regular deals (opens in new tab)
Best Buy: often price matches other retailers on top tech (opens in new tab)
Walmart: best-ever prices so far on the latest 2021 iPads (opens in new tab)

Top UK retailers
Amazon: usually has the biggest discounts over Black Friday on tech (opens in new tab)
Argos: good offers with next day delivery on click and collect options (opens in new tab)
Currys: price matches common deals with in-store pickup available (opens in new tab)
John Lewis: often includes extended warranties on electrical items (opens in new tab)

Should you wait for a Black Friday iPad deal? 


Black Friday iPad deals generally don’t present big discounts – you’ll likely only see 10% or 15% reductions, and for the lower-end tablets that sometimes means reductions of only $20 or equivalent.

We often see better discounts than that at random times through the year – not always that much better, but better nonetheless – so if you spot a 20% or even 25% discount, it’s definitely worth jumping now. 

If you really want to save money, you could also buy a second-hand or renewed iPad, as those generally sell for even less than a reduced and new model would do. Either way, if you see an iPad deal ahead of Black Friday, it’s definitely worth jumping on it.

Black Friday iPad deals 2022: our predictions

Apple iPad range as of September 2021

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When will the best Black Friday iPad deals start in 2022?

As with most gadgets, the iPad Black Friday deals will likely start a week or two before the actual official Black Friday date.

This happens every year; retailers try to get you to spend all your money at their digital or physical stores as early as possible, to make sure you don’t go to the competing stores. Every year, the sales begin earlier and earlier. 

So it’s worth keeping a look out for deals in the run-up to Black Friday, though we could see even more deals from other retailers launched over the weekend itself.

Apple iPad with floating Magic Keyboard attached

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Where will the best Black Friday iPad deals be?

Lots of retailers push iPad deals, as despite the lack of quality on these discounts, they’re often the most sought-after products over Black Friday.

From our experience, Amazon is often the best retailer to check for discounts – it has a good track record with reductions, and also has a website layout that makes it easy to compare deals on different configurations and tablets.

In the US, Walmart can often be pretty good for discounts, and Target to a lesser extent. In the UK Argos and Currys should be on your list of retailers to check, but we’d recommend avoiding John Lewis.

What iPads do we expect will be discounted in 2022?

Lots of our predictions for iPad Black Friday sales depends on whether Apple decides to launch new entries into its entry-level and Pro lines, as some leakers think it will in October, or whether we’ve already seen all of the brand’s slates for the year.

If a new iPad and iPad Pro come out, the last-gen versions of them almost definitely will see some discounts. If not, we’ll still likely see these year-old tablets see some reductions, but definitely not by as much as they otherwise would.

The iPad Air (2022) has been out for a few months, but in Apple’s world, that’s not much, so we wouldn’t expect a reduction. The 2020 version could see a fair few discounts though, and since there are very few differences between the models, that should be enough for most iPad fans.

Last year’s best Black Friday iPad deals

 In 2021 the Black Friday iPad deals were… poor, there’s no other word for it. We saw a few modest discounts on the iPad Pro 2021, which was six months old at that point, but they didn’t exactly take much money off the cost. 

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