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If you're looking for a good deal on a PC game while there are a bunch of Black Friday deals going live, Steam and GOG have a bunch ready for you, but I've already spent £200 on these deals.

Black Friday is usually a time when you may be looking to upgrade your PC, and while we've got a Black Friday laptop deals guide ready to go, trawling through the many discounts that Steam and GOG are offering could leave you confused and lost as to where to start.

Steam usually has a seasonal sale, and its new one, the Autumn Sale, is live across Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, with games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order dropping by 85% in price.

GOG is in a unique position where it offers DRM-free games, which means you can install games as many times as you want, without an internet connection. It also has a team where it tries to get classic games to work on modern PCs, so games such as Fallout 2, on sale for £2.00 / $3.00, works perfectly on a Windows 11 PC.

Thanks to me purchasing a Steam Deck in September, I can play these games wherever I am, and it's that allure that's made me buy so many games in the last 24 hours, and I've got no regrets.

With this in mind, here's a bunch of games with great discounts that I've found so far, all available in the UK and US on Steam and GOG.

The best PC Game deals right now (US)

Sonic Adventure 2:$9.99$2.50 at Steam

Sonic Adventure 2: was $9.99 now $2.50 at Steam
Sonic's second 3D adventure that first appeared on SEGA's Dreamcast console in 2001, you get to choose a 'Hero' or 'Dark' story where you play as many characters, including Shadow and Robotnik across a bunch of levels. Over 20 years on, it's still a fun time, and runs great on the Steam Deck.

Sonic Mania:$9.99$2.50 at Steam

Sonic Mania: was $9.99 now $2.50 at Steam
A return to form for 2D Sonic after the mess that was Sonic 4. Sonic Mania revisits old zones such as Flying Battery Zone, while introducing new ones such as Dessert Dazzle Zone, all with their own enemies and bosses to beat. At 75% off, you'll get a fantastic game that's desperate for a sequel.

Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order:$34.99$5.24 at Steam

Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order: was $34.99 now $5.24 at Steam
Fans had been wanting to see another third-person Star Wars game for years, and Fallen Order mostly followed up on that promise. You get to swing and upgrade your lightsaber as you go through a bunch of planets, force-pushing, pulling and deflecting your enemies' attacks, with a fantastic ending.

Hitman 3:49.99now $17.49 at Steam

Hitman 3: was $49.99 now $17.49 at Steam
An excellent finale to the Hitman trilogy by IO Interactive. Released in 2021, not only do you visit seven locations, but you can also access the other two games within this one, so you can play the story from start to finish. And that's not even before you start the VR mode. At 65% off, it's a perfect introduction to the last in the trilogy of Agent 47.

Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition:$39.99now $7.99 at GOG

Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition: was $39.99 now $7.99 at GOG
Developed by Irrational Games / 2K Games, it's more of a prequel to the other two games in the Bioshock series, where you must rescue a girl called Elizabeth in the floating islands of Columbia. Over ten years since its release, Bioshock Infinite is still a great time, especially on the Steam Deck, and the Complete Edition includes the added missions and challenges, ready to play.

Tomb Raider Trilogy:$6.99now $1.99 at GOG

Tomb Raider Trilogy: was $6.99 now $1.99 at GOG
If you've been wanting to get a Tomb Raider fix, the original trilogy by CORE Design is 80% off. All three games work perfectly on a modern PC, so the hard work in setting these up has been done for you. From visiting Egypt in TR1 to driving a boat round Venice in TR2, to fighting a massive spider in Antarctica in TR3, there's plenty to like here.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition:$39.99now $15.99 at GOG

Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition: was $39.99 now $15.99 at GOG
Originally released on PlayStation, Guerrilla did a fantastic job in telling Aloy's story here as you control her hunting techniques against the Machines. This also comes with The Frozen Wilds expansion, which means you can collect a bunch of weapons and abilities, at 60% off the price at GOG.

Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 2:£4.99now £0.69 at GOG

Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 2: was £4.99 now £0.69 at GOG
A long-dormant series from Crystal Dynamics here, and yet one of the best it's ever done, thanks to the story of Raziel and Kain, alongside fantastic controls and abilities that you get to collect and use in two 'realms' to fight off enemies. If you've not played Soul Reaver before, at 86% off you should, and know why this series needs to be revived.

The best PC Game deals right now (UK)

Sonic Origins:£32.99now £16.49 on Steam

Sonic Origins: was £32.99 now £16.49 on Steam
Sonic 3 was finally remastered in this collection released by SEGA earlier this year, but it also includes Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and a bunch of challenges that you can earn coins on. There's huge replayability here, and yes, it shines on the Steam Deck. The only negative is that Sonic 3's soundtrack is missing Michael Jackson's music due to rights issues, but there is now a solution to restore these tracks.

Final Fantasy VII Retrograde:£69.99now £49.69 at Steam

Final Fantasy VII Retrograde: was £69.99 now £49.69 at Steam
Since its announcement at E3 2015, PC fans had been waiting to play this, and it finally arrived earlier this year, but for a high price which is essentially disk 1 of the original game here, fans were hesitant to drop money on this. However, 29% is a good deal for what you get here, alongside an extra scenario featuring Yuffie, called EPISODE INTERmission.

Fallout - New Vegas Ultimate Edition:£15.99now £5.29 at GOG

Fallout - New Vegas Ultimate Edition: was £15.99 now £5.29 at GOG
A fantastic spinoff to the Fallout series, where you're caught up in a war in the land of Las Vegas, collecting more bottlecaps intertwined with the ability to slow down time in battles thanks to V.A.T.S. This also includes 4 add-on content which includes new crafting options, characters and new side quests to get involved in.

Disco Elysium - Complete Cut:£34.99now £8.79 at GOG

Disco Elysium - Complete Cut: was £34.99 now £8.79 at GOG
If you've got the budget for just a couple of games, Disco Elysium should be included. This role-playing game is full of depth and charm that makes you keep going back to it thanks to its 'one more go' charm. From writing poetry to dancing, there's so much to do here that adding anything more here would ruin its charming surprises.

These deals are only the tip of the iceberg that Steam and GOG are offering - and they're adding new deals daily until the sales end on November 28.

Steam and GOG have the best of both worlds here - you can get the best discounts on the latest games, or for the best deals on games from the 90s and beyond. If you have a Steam Deck, you've got the perfect handheld to take advantage of these sales, and you may want to look into some microSD cards to house all of these games that also work on Valve's handheld.

However, if you're looking for an upgrade to play these games on their high settings, we've got a Black Friday laptop deals guide for you to find the best gaming machine for you.

You'll find more Black Friday deals in both the US and UK below.

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