Even I might get a Fire Tablet 7 while one is this cheap

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I don't really rate the Amazon Fire 7. I get why the tablet exists: it's cheap. And, well, that seems to be about it. Sure, anyone that needs a basic no-frills device for a bit of web browsing and media streaming will find it useful. To me, though, it's just so limited in every other way that the £50 cost is hard to justify. Can I look past all that for just £30? Almost certainly.

That's mightily convenient, then, as an Amazon Fire 7 is now just £29.99. The £20 saving off brings the entry-level tablet back down to its cheapest price ever and well within the realms of an impulse buy. It's one of the latest tablet deals that's tempted even me - the naysayer.

Today's best Fire Tablet 7 deal

Fire Tablet 7 (16GB): £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon
Save £20

Fire Tablet 7 (16GB): £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon
Save £20
- Amazon's entry-level Fire 7 Tablet is back to its lowest ever price. The last time we saw it this low was during Black Friday and Prime Day, so it's a rare deal. As a basic device for light browsing and streaming with a 7-hour battery life, it's exceptional value for money after this £20 saving. Definitely consider the upgrade to a Fire Tablet 7 with 32GB of storage for just £5 more, should you want more space for files and apps.

The Fire Tablet 7 may be far from a powerful device, but I could see myself using it as a way to get some mobile gaming in when I'm not up for an arduous session in Elden Ring or want to play on something a bit larger than my phone while in bed or collapsed on the sofa. 

You didn't hear it from me but it's not exactly difficult to install the Google Play Store on a Fire tablet to get access to that vast library of apps and bring over any progress on my most played games. I'm reluctant to admit it, but I've got heavily into The Witcher Monster Slayer and Nier Reincarnation as of late as satisfying little games I can grind away at every now and then without too much thought. It would be nice to have those blown up on a slightly larger screen.

And it'll function well enough for ebooks, too. It may not be one of the best readers out there as these dedicated devices have far superior battery life and a host of other features to improve your reading experience. You should check out the latest deal that drops the Kindle Paperwhite to £99.99 (was £129.99) if you want one of these. However, if you only flick through a book every now and then, it'll do the job.

So, it's a bit of an all-around bargain, then. This offer on the Fire Tablet 7 is only live for one more day, though, so best act fast if - like me - the low price has tempted you to pick one up.

There are many more Amazon Devices reduced right now, too. For another 24 hours, you can also save on the Kindle, Echo Show and Echo Dot. Find today's best prices on these just below. 

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