TalkTalk customer services, number and complaints - how to sort out your broadband

You've signed up to TalkTalk broadband and all has been well...until it just isn't. That's when a company is really tested to show what it can offer, when it comes to dealing with complaints in its customer services department.

Thankfully you've come to the right place to find how to get your TalkTalk broadband complaints dealt with by the correct customer services department so you don't have to wait around or be passed from person to person until you get a solution. Being without broadband these days is a painful experience so let's keep the time you're disconnected to a minimum.

Here's everything you need to know about making a complaint to TalkTalk and the right phone number to call to get your issue solved.

What ways can I make a complaint to TalkTalk?

As you'd expect from a tech company like TalkTalk there are plenty of ways to contact them to make a complaint, including:

  • By phone - see below for numbers
  • By live chat - go here for an online chat between 8am and 10pm everyday
  • By email - by sending your complaint to 
  • By letter - TalkTalk (TTR), PO BOX 675, Salford, M5 0NL
  • On Twitter - the handle is @TalkTalk

Phone numbers for TalkTalk broadband customer services:

TalkTalk has opted to keep it nice and simple when it comes to calling in a complaint and has very few numbers to pick from – in fact there's no choice at all. While that's good, in a way, it does also mean you're lumped in with the TV and landline callers too, so may have to menu hop a bit before you find yourself speaking to an actual human.

TalkTalk broadband complaints

If it's simply a complaint that you wish to make, then call between 8am and 8pm Monday to Sunday:


This is free if you're a TalkTalk landline customer otherwise it's charged at 3ppm plus your phone company's access charge.

TalkTalk broadband customer services

If you just want a chat to get some advice on anything TalkTalk broadband related then you're best off calling:

0870-444-1820 or 0203-441-5550

Between 8am-8pm Mondays to Sundays there'll be someone available to offer you any help you need.

Cancel your TalkTalk broadband

Had enough of TalkTalk and want to try your luck with other broadband deals? Then this is the number you need:

0345 172 0088

Available between 8am-8pm Mondays to Sundays.

Are you getting the speeds you were promised from TalkTalk?

Thanks to relatively recent legislation, if your broadband provider isn't offering the speeds it promised when you signed up then you're eligible to get out of your contract for free. 

If TalkTalk is slower than it should be for you and the company has been notified and still can't fix the issue within 30 days, you can walk, no questions asked or fees charged.

That's where the TechRadar broadband speed test comes in. Fire it up and you'll find out what your home broadband speeds are within mere seconds. If it comes up short compared to what TalkTalk promised, then it's time to drop them a line by one of the methods above.

Can I cancel my TalkTalk Broadband contract?

If you dare delve into the depths of your TalkTalk Ts&Cs you'll likely see that there aren't many opportunities to outright cancel your broadband and move to another ISP. Unless, of course, you're suffering from the slow broadband speeds mentioned above. Otherwise you'll likely have to shell out to pay an early termination fee or the remainder of your contract. But a few get-out-of-jail-free examples are shown below:

- Cancel within 14 days: as this is the statutory cooling off period you can cancel your contract without a charge as long as you do it within that fortnight.

- Price increase: this is a common practice among companies where prices go up in line with inflation – something they wash their hands of. Often, they will let you have details on how to escape the agreement without charge when they send notice of the price hike.

- Mis-sold deal: is the broadband you've got actually not what you were sold? If you can prove it then it's worth speaking to TalkTalk as they'll be in the wrong and may have to let you free of your contract. 

- Bad TalkTalk customer service: if you've complained and are still left dissatisfied you can take it further by using the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution via 020-7250-3814 or 

Get a better deal from another broadband provider

If you've decided you're leaving TalkTalk and that's that, then you have other options to make sure you're back online as soon as possible. We've lined up all of the UK's best broadband deals so you can find out the best to transfer to soon.

Head to our dedicated guides for you choice of internet plan below, or simply play around with our price comparison at the bottom of the page.

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