Best call recorder software of 2024

The best call recorder software makes it simple and easy to manage and record calls on your smartphone.

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Call recording can be a useful and even essential for recording an interview, keeping records of your communications, or just keeping logs of your phone calls for admin purposes.

While the basic premise of a call recorder is simple, many of these apps differ when it comes to ease of use, playback, and more. In addition, you’ll need to decide whether you’re willing to pay for a call recorder or whether you want free software with potentially fewer features. 

Keep in mind that the laws around call recording vary between states and countries. If you’re planning to record a call, it’s always good practice to ask the person you’re talking to first. 

With that, let’s take a look at the five best call recorder software options you can start using today.

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The best call recorder software of 2024 in full:

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Best overall

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1. Cube Call Recorder

Best Android app for recording VoIP calls

Reasons to buy

Supports multiple apps
Record by contact
Start recording mid-call
Supports automatic backups

Reasons to avoid

Security costs extra
Free version includes ads
Only backs up to Google Drive

Many call recording apps only work if your call takes place through your phone’s built-in dialing app, not if you use a voice over IP (VoIP) app. But Cube Call Recorder is capable of recording calls through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, and more on Android devices. 

The free version of this app comes with ads, but it offers most of the essential recording features that users need. You can choose to record every call or list specific contacts for recording your conversations. Starting a manual recording mid-call is free, too. 

The premium version adds automatic backup, file security, and automatic deletion. For backup, your recordings are synced to Google Drive as soon as your call ends.

Best for iOS

(Image credit: Rev Call Recorder)

2. Rev Call Recorder

Best free call recorder for iOS

Reasons to buy

Free to use
No ads
Share recordings easily
No time or contact restrictions

Reasons to avoid

Doesn’t record VoIP calls
No automatic cloud backups
Doesn’t offer a security lock

Rev Call Recorder is completely free call recorder software for iPhones. There are no limits or in-app ads, but keep in mind you can only register for this app if you have a US phone number. 

The app is somewhat simple, but gets the basic features right. It records high-quality audio and you can share the files via email, text, or cloud app. 

That said, you can’t record VoIP calls with Rev, and the app won’t automatically backup your recordings to the cloud for safekeeping. There’s also no way to set the app to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls.

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Which call recorder software is best for you?

When deciding which of the best call recorder software apps to use, first consider what actual needs you have. For example, someone simply wanting to use one on a casual basis may find a free or cheap option is the most cost-effective while providing all of the necessary tools that would be required. However, if you're planning to use call recording for professional or business purposes, especially with a large number of people and on a regular basis, then you will probably want to look to the higher-end options for the more advanced tools that are included.

How we test

To test for the best call recorder software we searched for a range of popular options as well as took recommendations from people we know who use call recording software regularly. We then tried each platform to see how user-friendly each was, as well as determine what range of tools and advanced options were available. Pricing also came into account when determining our best list.

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