Snap up our favorite super-cheap wireless earbuds at Best Buy for just $20

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Early Prime Day deals season isn’t exclusive to Amazon, with many other retailers offering up excellent 4th of July sales this week. That’s certainly the case over at Best Buy where you can buy some of our favorite super-cheap earbuds for an even lower price than usual.

The earbuds in question are the JLab Go Air Pop for $19.99 (was $24.99) at Best Buy. At this low price, you’d be forgiven for thinking they aren't great but these are some of the best budget wireless earbuds around thanks to their comfy fit, decent sound, and phenomenal battery life.

Have the JLab Go Air Pop gone lower in the past? Just. A few months back, they dipped to around $16 at Amazon but you’re very unlikely to find them for less than $20. At this price, no one should be quibbling over a couple of bucks so simply buy them now and revel in your tremendous bargain. 

One day, we might figure out what magic JLab conjures up to be in such command of the budget end of the best wireless earbuds market but for now, we’re just delighted the company exists.

Today’s best JLab earbuds deal

JLab Go Air Pop: $24.99 $19.99 at Best Buy

JLab Go Air Pop: was $24.99 now $19.99 at Best Buy
How are the JLab Go Air Pop so good? That’s a question the team here has asked a lot over the months. They have a light design with small and comfortable earpieces. Despite the size, there’s room for reliable on-ear controls and the earbuds sound better than anything else you’d find. Of course, you’ll find better audio if you spend a lot more, but who wants to do that? For a bargain pair of earbuds, it’s hard to fault the JLab Go Air Pop and we can’t see them going lower than this just yet.

The JLab Go Air Pop are surprising outliers in that they are earbuds that are super cheap yet sound pretty good. Buy cheap, buy twice isn’t an issue here with JLab commanding the field well. 

In our JLab Go Air Pop review, we explained how they simply just work well. There’s on-device volume control – something that pricier earbuds don’t always guarantee – and a massive 8 hours of battery life with 32 hours in all through the charging case.

Talking of the charging case, it is a little weird. It has a pullout USB-A cable which means no need to worry about losing the cable but does feel a bit dated in a world where USB-C has quickly become the ruler. Still, if that’s our only complaint, that’s pretty great going at this price.

If you’re keen to spend more, we’re keeping a close eye on what might happen in this year's Amazon Prime Day headphone deals but if we find something cheaper than this, we’ll be amazed. If you do plan on spending more though, take a look at the wireless headphone deals we regularly update.

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