The best iPhone XS plans and prices in Australia

iPhone XS prices and plans

Pronounced ‘iPhone ten-S’ – in case you’re discussing it with friends, family or colleagues – it’s the handset Apple CEO Tim Cook claims is “by far the most advanced iPhone ever created”.

It might seem like Apple’s only added some minor upgrades to the now-discontinued iPhone X, given the iPhone XS is encased in a surgical-grade stainless steel and glass body and still retains the quintessential iPhone X design.

But it’s what’s under the hood that matters. The iPhone XS is powered by Apple’s latest A12 Bionic chip, enhanced facial recognition technology, improved gaming smarts, and now also comes in a bigger-capacity 512GB storage version. 

On the outside, the 2.7 million pixel 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display is encapsulated by thin bezels – and that notch, of course – making it one of the best screens we’ve seen on a smartphone, delivering rich colours and strong contrast ratios.

How much does the iPhone XS cost in Australia?

While sticking to what Apple does best, the company has also stuck to the high price point it slapped on the iPhone X. If you were hoping Apple learnt from the low sales of the then-pricey tenth-anniversary handset, you couldn’t be more wrong. The iPhone XS is pricier still, with options starting at $1,629 in Australia.

This year, however, there are three colour variants to choose from, with a classy Gold being added to the existing line-up of Silver and Space Grey.

There are also three storage capacities, each with prices that will likely have you scraping the bottom of your bank account if you're aiming to buy a handset outright:

64GB: $1,629 AUD
256GB: $1,879 AUD
512GB: $2,199 AUD

iPhone XS plans

We don’t expect everyone to want to drop upwards of $1,629 on an outright handset, so there's a good chance you'll be keeping an eye out for a plan. Thankfully for you, we've done all the legwork for you, searching high and low to compare the best plans available.

While you can scroll down the page a little and use our handy comparison tool to weigh up your options, we've hand-picked out some of the best if you're looking for big data, best value, or cheapest overall option.

Best overall value plan – iPhone XS 256GB | 200GB data | Unlimited international talk and text | $125 pm

While Optus has its double data deal on, you should make use of this $125 plan and get a stupendous 200GB of data with your 256GB iPhone XS handset. Besides that, you'll get unlimited international calls and texts and 2GB of roaming data, as well as the host of standard Optus extras. Total cost over 24 months is $3,000
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Best budget plan – iPhone XS 64GB | 4GB data | $90 pm

The least you'll be paying to join in on the iPhone XS fun is $90 a month with Optus, netting you the 64GB handset and 4GB of data. You'll also get all the Optus perks to help with your data cap, such as streaming music via Spotify data-free. Total cost over 24 months is $2,160
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Best big data plan – iPhone XS 512GB | Unlimited data | Unlimited international talk and text | $199 pm

Telstra is the only network offering a true unlimited data plan on the iPhone XS, and you may as well grab the 512GB model handset while you're at it as it'll cost the same as the lesser handsets. You'll also get a 24-month subscription to a Foxtel Now starter pack and 10GB of roaming data to use. If the 200GB Optus plan isn't enough for you, this is as high as you can go! Total cost over 24 months is $4,776
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