Get £50 off Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 deals at Unshackled with exclusive voucher code

We've bagged an exclusive £50 discount code with mobile phone retailer on all Samsung Galaxy handsets. Whether you're after a brand spanking new Galaxy S8 deal, or something a bit older, our code makes Unshackled one of the most competitive SIM free phone sellers out there - especially if you want to get it on finance.

So if you want to buy the S8 handset outright, you can use the code TECHRADAR at the checkout to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 for £609. That's £80 less than the RRP.

The only way to get the phone cheaper is from Amazon Marketplace where the price tends to bounce around day to day due to the small amounts of stock available to the smaller businesses that sell there.

The savings to be made on the likes of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S6 are just as good - scroll down to see what you can save. And if you're looking to team your shiny new Samsung with a SIM card, you can use our comparison tools to find your perfect SIM only deal.

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals on Unshackled

Samsung Galaxy S8 | Buy outright | £609 with TECHRADAR code
Buying SIM free handsets and then tag-teaming them with a rock-bottom SIM only deal is becoming a more and more popular way to buy new mobile phones. It's a lot of cash upfront, but remember that you can get a 1.5GB SIM for as little as a fiver a month.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 | £19 upfront | £27.03 per month with TECHRADAR code
Don't happen to have a spare £609 rattling around in your bank account? For only twenty quid upfront, you can get your hands on this finance deal from Unshackled. The monthly payments are £27.03. Considering that the best S8 contract deal out there is £27 a month with £150 upfront, and you can see why we're recommending this deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals on Unshackled

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus | £19 upfront | £32.53 per month with TECHRADAR code
Even with our discount code, Amazon is still the place to buy the Galaxy S8+ in one shot. But Unshackled's finance plan is excellent if you don't want to pay it all upfront. You pay £19 at the outset and then only £32.53 a month - the cheapest we're seeing contract plans at the moment are £36 a month after splashing £114 upfront.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Unshackled

Samsung Galaxy S7 | Buy outright | £449 with TECHRADAR code
Look to the likes of John Lewis or Currys and you'd be paying around £530 to buy the S7. But with our £50 off code, you can get a pound change from £450 if bought from Unshackled. It may be over a year old, but the S7 is still superb - a great value alternative to the S8.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 | £19 upfront | £19.70 per month with TECHRADAR code
Contract prices on the Galaxy S7 are definitely falling, but you still can't get one for less than £20 per month. If you take a shine to one of the cheap SIM only deals below, then this finance deal from Unshackled makes the S7 very affordable indeed.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals on Unshackled

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | £19 upfront | £22.91 per month with TECHRADAR code
It's not often we give a phone a full five stars, but check out our Galaxy S7 Edge review for one of the rare exceptions. Because it's so good, it's still expensive to get hold of on contract. With only £19 to pay upfront, £22.91 for this market-leading handset is a very good deal from Unshackled.

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Other Samsung Galaxy deals from Unshackled

If you're not bothered about paying top dollar for the latest smartphone technology, Samsung's older handsets are still holding their own after all these years. They remain excellent devices, and you can save a packet.

Click on the below links to see Unshackled's prices on the Samsung phones that are aging like a fine wine - and don't forget to type in TECHRADAR at the checkout to get that extra £50 off:

Who is Unshackled?'s raison d'être is to give you an alternative way of buying your smartphone. Independent of any of the networks, the phone you buy from Unshackled will be unlocked, allowing you to insert any SIM you like in it.

Perhaps most unusually, it makes handsets available to buy on finance. Recognising that several hundred pounds to splash in one go on a phone is way more than a lot of people can afford, Unshackled allows you to get the flagship phone you want with more manageable monthly payments.

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