Samsung Galaxy S8 release date might not be when you expect

Mark April 18 in your calendar

Our best guess for the Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement has always been MWC 2017 in late February, as MWC is when Samsung typically announces its new flagships - but now it looks like we might have longer to wait, with the latest leaks suggesting the new flagship won’t land until April 18.

That date, from industry insiders speaking to Korean news site Naver, is when the Galaxy S8 would apparently land in stores, so the actual announcement would be a little earlier, in either late March or early April, but that’s still at least a month later than we were expecting.

Of course, that’s just a rumor, but it’s one of the most specific release dates we’ve encountered so far, and there is some evidence to back it up.

Investigations into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires have supposedly set development of the Galaxy S8 back, and an April launch window has been rumored several times before.

MWC is still a possibility

We still wouldn’t count out an MWC launch, as that too has been tipped, but the majority of the release date rumors now point to April, so it’s looking increasingly like Samsung might really miss its typical launch window.

But whenever it arrives, the Galaxy S8 is a phone that should be worth the wait, with talk of a larger, sharper screen, a dual-lens camera and a brand-new AI assistant built in. 

And if there is a delay hopefully Samsung is using the extra time to make the S8 as good - and inflammable - as possible.


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