Will the first co-branded Apple/Samsung phone look like this?

The iSung Galaxy 5

We're sure you're all tired of the patent infighting – think what could be achieved with cooperation!

"Apple took our 3G", "Samsung stole our design"… the litigation over patents is getting highly tedious.

Imagine if instead of lawyers, the world's largest smartphone brands took to love and design instead?

To that end, we present the iSung Galaxy 5 – taking all the best bits of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and fusing it with the most likely elements of the forthcoming iPhone 5.

The iPhone could do with a faster camera shutter speed and NFC – and the S3 could CERTAINLY do with a better design. Plus a larger screen with a higher resolution would fit more apps on it, and that's what we all want to see.

Anyway, enough with our chatting about what it could be – watch the video yourself and see if we've come up with the ultimate fusion between Apple and Samsung.

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