The best Sony Xperia Z5 Compact deals and prices in January 2016

xperia z5 deals and prices

The Xperia Z5 Compact could well be the most impressive handset in Sony's new range. Featuring all the goodness of the full-blown Z5, it's a tad smaller and a shade cheaper as well which makes it a bit of a superstar. Anyone short on cash but looking for a good camera experience should be excited about what's on offer here. Even if you're not focused on money you'll love the Compact for its smaller form factor. Plus when you think it also has PS4 Remote Play and Hi-Res Audio under the hood, you can see why there are a lot of reasons to want this phone.

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sony xperia z5 compact deals

the best z5 compact deal

Xperia Z5 Compact: Fact file

All the goodness of the full fat Xperia Z5 in a more pocketable and colorful package? That'll be the Sony Xpera Z5 Compact, a pint-sized powerhouse of a smartphone.

Spec-wise, the screen drop down involves shrinkage from the Z5's 5.2-inch screen to a 4.6-inch panel. The resolution is also chopped from 1,920 by 1,080 pixels to 1,280 by 720. Still HD, then, just not full HD.

However, where you don't lose out is pure horsepower. The Z5 Compact gets the same Snapdragon 810 process, complete with no fewer than eight (count 'em!) cores. Four run at 2GHz for maximum punch, while the secondary quartet are smaller and run at 1.5GHz for power saving.

The camera is another feature that has been carried over unscathed. It's the same 23MP snapper with 5,520 by 4140 pixels, 4K video capture support, face detection and more. For storage, it's anything you like so long as it's 32GB. That said, there is a MicroSD slot, allowing for user-friendly storage upgrades of up to 200GB. In a phone. Wow.

As for system memory, there's 2GB of RAM. Bung in the finger scanner along with a barometer and all the usual GPS and accelerometer gubbins and you have a very full feature set. If there is a snag, it's probably the slightly out of date Android Lollipop OS.

Our verdict

Earlier this year there were rumours Sony was giving up on smartphones altogether, so the Xperia Z5 range needs to succeed. It deserves to do so. The Z5 Compact is a gem of a phone.

If you're looking for strong battery life without compromising on design, Z5 Compact offers a far better battery life than the competition. That it does this without bulking out its frame is fantastic.

The fingerprint sensor is another unambiguous win. The side positioning is perfect and it reacts so quickly to the touch it'll make contactless payments a breeze when Android Pay finally comes to the phone. The design deserves particular mention, too. Considering it's a smaller phone, Sony has still packed it with features.

It's slightly thicker than the Xperia Z5, but you only notice the difference when you put them next to each other, and the Compact feels much more comfortable in the hand. The lack of flaps this time is great, and Sony has achieved this without sacrificing on the water resistence that is a key selling point of the Xperia range. On top of that Sony has decided to future proof its device a little further by including 200GB microSD support.

OK, the low-resolution screen is a bit of a disappointment. But if you're looking for a small Android phone right now, this is it. No other phone manufacturer is making high-end devices in this form factor, which is a shame, because the Xperia Z5 Compact is beautifully proportioned.