The best Nexus 5X deals and prices in January 2016

nexus 5x deals and prices

The Nexus 5X is the new flagship smartphone from Google - and a little help from LG who actually built it! Fans of the Nexus 5 will find a lot to love here, as the Nexus 5X comes with a beefed up processor, USB-C port and a massively improved camera. It also features a gorgeous 5.2-inch screen and only weighs 136g, making it easy to carry around. On this page you'll find a comparison tool right at the top so that you can compare and filter all th best Nexus 5X deals and prices.

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The best Nexus 5X deals and prices:

the best Nexus 5X deal

Nexus 5X 16GB
Thanks to the absence of a MicroSD slot, the entry-level Nexus 5X's 16GB of storage may be marginal. It won't take much by way of music, video and apps before you've chewed through the lot. On the other hand, if you aren't that much of a multimedia maniac, the 16GB model makes sense in terms of delivering competitively priced access to the latest Google Android platform in a full featured smartphone. With a superb 5.2-inch IPS screen and a high quality camera, the Nexus 5X is no poverty-spec fail phone.

the best Nexus 5X deal

Nexus 5X 32GB
Given the Nexus 5X's generally competitive pricing, does it make sense to go to 32GB? We think so and in no small part because there's no MicroSD to provide storage relief. That could rapidly be a problem with the 6GB model. Instead, with 32GB you can get on with enjoying the power and features of the latest Android Marshmallow platform without the constant worry of hitting that storage wall. And what fun you'll have with glorious 5.2-inch display, 4K-capable camera and even a barometer. There are fancier phones out there, for sure. But few do the important things significantly better than the Nexus 5X.

Nexus 5X: Fact file

It's hot. It's new. It's the Nexus 5X. Google's latest superphone packs a pretty hefty all-round punch. The screen stretches to fully 5.2 inches of LCD glory. It's an IPS panel, of course, for superior colors and viewing angles and sports a full HD 1,920 by 1,080 pixel grid.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 handles the computational duties with a pair of heavy duty 1.82GHz cores for the serious number crunching and four teensy 1.44GHz cores for lighter duties when battery life is to the fore. The 12.3MP camera isn't industry leading when it comes to pure pixels. But it does pack laser autofocus and dual-tone flash. It's also fully 4K -capture capable at 30 frames per second.

For memory, you have a choice of 16GB and 32GB options. But note, there is no MicroSD, so whatever you go for that is your lot. System memory is a round 2GB.

As an official Goodle Android handset, it's no surprise to find the latest 6.0 Marshmallow build on Android onboard. Meanwhile, the battery is a 2700mAh affair. Rounding out the highlights are a fingerprint scanner, proximity sensor and an overall kerbweight of just 136g.