Get a super cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel with these discount code deals

If you've been waiting patiently until pay day to grab your new mobile phone, then your restraint has been well rewarded. has just given us discount codes on a flagship handsets on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel, which now makes them the best deals on the market right now!

And when we say right now, we mean it - these codes are only valid until midnight on Monday September 4, so you have less than a week to claim these cheap prices. There's a massive £155 to be saved on the S8 using the code S8PAYDAY, and you'll get a free Samsung Gear VR headset worth £119.99 as well.

Keep reading for more information on these cheap mobile phone deals on the S8 and Pixel and how to claim the discounts. We'll also tell you what else has up its sleeve for the next few days, including a great iPhone deal.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deal

Samsung Galaxy S8 | EE | £255 £100 upfront (with S8PAYDAY code) | 5GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £27.99pm
After last week's Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch it was inevitable that we'd start seeing some stellar deals on the S8. Well this one tops the lot. Enter the code S8PAYDAY at the checkout to grab a whopping £155 reduction on the upfront price. With a very reasonable £27.99 per month to pay there on in, it's less than £775 for the entire term. You don't even have to settle for the bog standard 1-2GB data allowance and you get a Samsung Gear VR headset thrown in for FREE. Total cost over 24 months is £771.76

Get this Samsung Galaxy S8 deal at
Discount code: S8PAYDAY

Cheap Google Pixel deal

Google Pixel 128GB | EE | £75 £25 upfront (with PIXPAYDAY code) | 2GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £22.99pm
The £50 discount may not be quite as extravagant as the S8 deal above, but it's the bottom line overall price of this Google Pixel tariff that makes it quite so appealing. Pop in PIXPAYDAY as your voucher code and bring the two year cost tumbling down under the £600-mark. £22.99 per month is a ridiculous price for a phone this good, and £25 upfront is pretty painless, too. You only get 2GB with this one, but that should still suit a lot of people considering how omnipresent Wi-Fi is these days. Total cost over 24 months is £576.76

Get this Google Pixel deal at
Discount code: PIXPAYDAY

Other mobile phone deal discounts with

Payday really does seem to have put a spring in the step of Carphone Warehouse-owned As well as the two remarkable discounts above, you can use the voucher code SALE50 to knock £50 off the upfront cost of several other handsets: