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Are you living or planning to visit Hong Kong anytime soon? As the growing influence of Beijing is putting online freedom under threat, we recommend getting a virtual private network (VPN) for both encrypting your internet connections and spoofing your IP address location.

Despite Hong Kong's censorship machine being yet to reach the extent of its neighbor, the 2020 national security law has already enforced its grip on a handful of political and religious online platforms. Further measures are unfortunately likely to be enforced, with popular services like Google, Wikipedia, major social media and messaging apps at risk.

Luckily, one of the best VPNs for Hong Kong can help you bypass these restrictions, secure your browsing activities and even boost your overall online experience—whether you are looking to download torrents safely, escape bandwidth throttling when you play online, or keep up with your favorite TV shows while traveling. With 15 years of experience reviewing security software under TechRadar's belt, below are my top five Hong Kong VPNs available right now. 

The best 3 Hong Kong VPN services available today:

In a hurry? Check out today's three best Hong Kong VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN—#1 best Hong Kong VPN
With servers dotted across 105 countries worldwide, ExpressVPN makes a fantastic option for avoiding China's potential infiltration in Hong Kong's internet. Its connections are fast and secure as well, it's effortless to set up and use, with helpful 24/7 live chat help if needed. Simply put, it's our favorite VPN of them all and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

1. ExpressVPN—#1 best Hong Kong VPN
With servers dotted across 105 countries worldwide, ExpressVPN makes a fantastic option for avoiding China's potential infiltration in Hong Kong's internet. Its connections are fast and secure as well, it's effortless to set up and use, with helpful 24/7 live chat help if needed. Simply put, it's our favorite VPN of them all and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. NordVPN—a secure VPN all around the world
When it comes to server coverage, NordVPN leads the charge. You've probably seen it advertising its high-quality service on TV, podcasts and YouTube, and it has put together a network of over 6,000 servers. Luckily, it has the goods to back that all up: from blazing speeds and top-notch security, to great unblocking. Try it out risk-free for 30 days

2. NordVPN—a secure VPN all around the world
When it comes to server coverage, NordVPN leads the charge. You've probably seen it advertising its high-quality service on TV, podcasts and YouTube, and it has put together a network of over 6,000 servers. Luckily, it has the goods to back that all up: from blazing speeds and top-notch security, to great unblocking. Try it out risk-free for 30 days.

3. Surfshark—top cheap provider$2 USD per month

3. Surfshark—top cheap provider
Don't like the idea of shelling out too much on your new Hong Kong VPN? Then you'll welcome Surfshark's inclusion in our countdown—it really undercuts the rest thanks to pricing as low as $2 USD per month. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality as it offers great security, unblocking and some of the best speeds we have seen. 

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Here, I've compared the security features, performance, usability, and unblocking power of my top five favorite Hong Kong VPNs. Keep reading to see what I liked (and disliked) about each provider.

The best Hong Kong VPN overall

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

1. ExpressVPN

Best all-round VPN in the world

Server/s in Hong Kong: Yes | Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 105 countries | Maximum devices supported: 8 | Trial length: 30 days | 24/7 live chat support: Yes

Huge selection of servers
Brilliant live chat support
Strong on encryption and unblocking
Easy to run on almost any platform
No the fastest VPN
Above average prices
Subscribe if:

✔️ You are new to VPN: ExpressVPN's apps are super easy-to-use, with a fresh and modern design that's easy to navigate even for the less techie out there.

✔️ You want access to international content: with servers dotted across 105 countries and great unlocking track record, you'll have no trouble unblocking content at home and on holiday.

✔️ You need a VPN you can trust: ExpressVPN sets the bar for security, with regular audits and a no-logs policy that ensures your information is always in safe hands.

Don't subscribe if:

You're on a tight budget: despite being stuffed with features, ExpressVPN is certainly a pricey option. We recommend checking out Surfshark if you want to save some bucks.

You need a full security suite: ExpressVPN is a solid VPN service that includes a password manager tool, but it does lack a built-in antivirus solution.

Bottom line: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🔒 ExpressVPN is my top pick for Hong Kong right now as I love its great care for privacy and security, vast server network and user-friendly apps. See why it claimed the #1 spot with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more?

Head on over to our ExpressVPN review for a more in-depth look at the industry's top dog.

While ExpressVPN has been topping our best VPN for China list for a while now, the same goes for Hong Kong. It has really led the way when it comes to getting around those government-sanctioned website blocks. 

Its performances are consistent and reliable, too, with smart dedicated apps for most devices (including routers and now Apple TV) and a super helpful 24/7 live chat support. We also praise its commitment to transparency and security—11 independent audits were undergone in 2022 alone.

Try ExpressVPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But we wouldn't recommend it if it didn't excel in several other areas, too. Firstly, it boasts over 3,000 reliable servers across 105 countries. It also has servers based in Hong Kong as well as many neighboring countries so that you can expect reliable connections.

Among our favorite security features are independently audited no-logs privacy policy, enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption, numerous protocols to choose from (including its very own speedy and open-source Lightway protocol), a kill switch on most platforms plus IPv6 leak protection. The provider also launched a new ad and adult-site with its last feature-packed update. These tools add on the advanced protection offering started off with its anti-malware tool Threat Manager.

ExpressVPN actively monitors its network for China accessibility and ensures that its software stays ahead of the censors’ efforts to block connections. Its secret weapon is obfuscation technology that allows you to hide the fact you're using a VPN service. Besides keeping your data secured, all this will also help you unblock geo-restricted content and watch the likes of BBC iPlayer or US Netflix. 

We even saw improved peak speeds this time around, growing from 560 to 750Mbps with its in-house WireGuard-based protocol Lightway (which even aced its second security audit last year). Try it out yourself with its 30-day money-back guarantee. There's also a tasty offer for TechRadar readers only if you decide to commit...

Save on the best Hong Kong VPN with TechRadar special offer

Save on the best Hong Kong VPN with TechRadar special offer
You probably get the idea by now...if you need a VPN to use in Hong Kong, then ExpressVPN is the best option. It gets even more attractive when you consider that 30-day money-back guarantee and the fact that TechRadar readers can get 3 extra months and a whole year of secure Backblaze cloud space for free when you sign up for a one-year subscription.

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ExpressVPN test results:
DesignApps are fresh and fun, no matter which device you're using⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of useFeatures are easy to find and use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PerformanceA speedy provider, but slower than NordVPN⭐⭐⭐⭐
UnblockingUnblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and more with ease⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security and privacyPacked with security features and robust encryption⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer support24/7 live chat support never disappoints⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PriceA pricey pick, but feature-rich⭐⭐⭐

The best Hong Kong VPN with antivirus

(Image credit: Future)

2. NordVPN

The world's best-known VPN is a great choice in Hong Kong

Server/s in Hong Kong: Yes | Number of servers: 6,000+ | Server locations: 61 countries | Maximum devices supported: 6 | Trial length: 30 days | 24/7 live chat support: Yes

Ultra-secure encryption
Lots of servers internationally
Great at most unblocking
Speedy live chat support 
Other VPNs have better mobile apps
Basic browser extensions
Subscribe if:

✔️ You want a solid all-rounder: from a lengthy list of features to tough encryption and even an antivirus tool, NordVPN is the total package—and won't break the bank.

✔️ You value connection speed: NordVPN placed itself among the fastest VPNs during my last test, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, torrenting, and secure video calls.

✔️ You appreciate a dedicated IP option: either you're a business or individual, you can enjoy the perks of a fixed IP with the security of a VPN for an extra tiny fee.

Don't subscribe if:

You're a mobile-first user: The NordVPN apps work just fine, but the map-based interface can be tricky to use on smaller screens.

❌ You use port forwarding: it allows for optimized connections, faster downloads and improved overall torrenting performance, which Express VPN offers.

Bottom line: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

🔒 NordVPN is the perfect mix of performance, price, privacy and security. Put its 30-day money-back guarantee to good use and see why it's such a close runner-up.

Want to know more?

Visit our NordVPN review for a deeper dive into the provider's all-in-one security solution.

You know that NordVPN means business when you discover that it has dedicated an entire team to the pursuit of getting around website blocking in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and China. They monitor connectivity and then get to work playing whack-a-mole when new blocks get in its way. 

The service has even a proven track record for unblocking all main streaming sites, too, and it's also one of the top VPN providers (together with ExpressVPN and Surfshark) to have been recognized as a secure and ethical product in September last year.

Try NordVPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's more, among its more than 6,000 international servers, over 70 are based in Hong Kong alone. That's probably one of the biggest networks dedicated to the country on our list of the best Hong Kong VPN. What's more, these are all obfuscated servers optimized for P2P sharing and support its Double VPN encryption for extra privacy.    

The privacy policy is clear, detailed and regularly independently audited. It also boasts advanced security features like double kill switch and its so-called 'Onion over VPN' which routes your traffic through NordVPN's own network and then via the private Onion network. While, with its new addition Meshnet, you can now protect your workload even across multiple devices. Even better as it's free to use for all users now.

In terms of performances, NordVPN's lightning fast connection speeds experienced a boost this time around, reaching a staggering 950+Mbps with WireGuard. These results make it one of the fastest VPN services around alongside Surfhsark, Windscribe, and IPVanish. 

Live chat support is excellent, too—handy if you run into any problems. So is its unblocking track record: we managed to unlock all the streaming platforms we tried last time we checked. And, even though its mobile apps could be better, also NordVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

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NordVPN test results:
DesignApps look great, but can feel busy on some devices⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of useMost features are easy to find and use, though the map interface can be off-putting⭐⭐⭐
PerformanceThe quickest VPN I've tested⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
UnblockingUnblocks a wealth of content via Netflix and more⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security and privacyTough encryption, double kill switch, and transparent audits⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer supportLive chat support is quick to respond and professional⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PriceLow-cost plans pack a lot of value⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best cheap Hong Kong VPN

Surfshark working on a selection of devices

(Image credit: Surfshark)

3. Surfshark

Fully featured Hong Kong VPN but with a low subscription price

Server/s in Hong Kong: Yes | Number of servers: 3,200+ | Server locations: 100+ | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited | Trial length: 30 days | 24/7 live chat support: Yes

Super price
Unlimited device use
Excellent unblocking
Improved WireGuard speeds
Kill switch issues on Windows 
Below average OpenVPN speeds 
Subscribe if:

✔️ You are on a tight budget: Surfshark is a low-cost provider offering premium performances for a fraction of the price.

✔️ You have a lot of devices: the provider comes with a generous unlimited device allowance that you can use to secure all of your favorite gadgets, alongside your friends and family's devices.

✔️ You need an inexpensive security suite: just like NordVPN, Surfshark comes with a stacked roster of privacy-enhancing tools.

Don't subscribe if:

You need an infallible kill switch: I was able to break the Surfshark kill switch on Windows during my testing. This probably won't happen in real life, but is still a concern.

❌ You need advanced customization options: for specific features that are not available in Surfshark, we advise looking into NordVPN.

Bottom line: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

🔒 Surfshark's blazing speeds, great unlocking power and unlimited device allowance prove that a premium VPN doesn't need to come with a premium price tag. See why it's my favorite budget option with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more?

For more details and insight into this bargain VPN, visit our Surfshark review.

Surfshark has skyrocketed in popularity lately. Maybe it's because of the strong reviews it has earned all over the internet thanks to its many straightforward and easy-to-use apps. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because its ridiculous budget pricing makes it one of the cheapest VPNs around! 

Low fees don't mean cheap quality, though. Like previous providers, it boasts an obfuscation option—here called Camouflage mode. Plus, its No Borders feature will automatically connect you to the servers performing the best under network restrictions.

Try Surfshark with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Surfshark confirmed itself to be at the top of our fastest VPN chart also this time around when connected to its WireGuard protocol. It's worth noting, though, that the top speeds with the OpenVPN protocol were below average.

As privacy and security are likely to be paramount with the Chinese government lurking in Hong Kong, its many security protocols, AES-256 encryption, private DNS, double VPN hop for extra protection, and on-by-default kill switch should already make you feel more secure. We experienced some issues with its kill switch last time we checked, though, only on Windows and under extreme situations.

Surfshark boasts also some advanced security tools. Powered by its innovative Nexus technology, for example, an IP rotator and Dynamic MultiHop option can make it even harder to track your online activities. And, if a more complete security suite is what you're after, Surfshark One with its newly added Alternative ID tool is ideal to secure your digital life on all fronts.

Despite the low pricing, Surfshark makes its service available to unlimited simultaneously connected devices, so you can share it around easily with friends and family as well. It even has an impressive track record as a streaming VPN, too. You can even get your own dedicated IP feature now for an additional fee. 

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Surfshark test results:
DesignA fresh, modern design that's easy on the eyes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of useStraightforward and intuitive⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PerformanceA super-fast service ideal for streaming in HD⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
UnblockingUnblocks in-demand services from around the world⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security and privacyCome with ad and malware blocking, but kill switch has issues⭐⭐⭐
Customer supportCustomer support is friendly and fast, though support articles could be improved⭐⭐⭐⭐
PriceBudget-friendly and excellent value⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best of the rest

Proton VPN interface for various platforms

(Image credit: Proton VPN)

4. Proton VPN

A fast and secure VPN with a good free plan

Server/s in Hong Kong: Yes | Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 71 countries | Maximum devices supported: 10 | Trial length: 30 days | 24/7 live chat support: No

Free plan with unlimited bandwidth
Secure core Hong Kong servers (paid only)
Open-source, audited and top-quality apps 
Improved network coverage on free plan 
Customer support needs improvement
Some features limited to Plus plan
Below average speeds
Subscribe if:

✔️ You want a free VPN without limits: unlike other free services imposing harsh data caps, Proton VPN free has unlimited-bandwidth, 100 servers and great security, too.

✔️ You need advanced security: its Secure Core servers route internet traffic via multiple privacy-enhancing servers in different countries for extra protection.

✔️ You're a Linux user: Proton VPN is one of a handful of services that supports Linux with a full GUI.

Don't subscribe if:

You want the quickest VPN around: Proton VPN can handle HD streaming, but its connection speeds were pretty disappointing this time around.

You rely on customer support: you'll only be able to reach the Proton VPN support team during business hours (9am to 5pm)—not ideal, especially if you're a VPN newbie.

Bottom line: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

🔒 Proton VPN has made a name for itself amongst privacy purists for its watertight apps, unblocking power, and awesome free plan—so you can try it for yourself without parting with a penny.

Want to know more?

Visit our in-depth Proton VPN review for more information about its commitment to privacy.

The Swiss-based ProtonVPN has shown a strong commitment to protect Hong Kongers' digital freedom and privacy. The provider raised HK$800,000 to support the work of civil society groups operating within the country. It even recently teamed up with Deutsche Welle to offer people worldwide direct access to independent news content, and also built its very own "world-first" censorship resistant CAPTCHA system.

Besides offering fewer servers compared to previous providers (it passed from over 1,800 to 2,700+ across 85+ locations, though), paid subscribers can connect to one of the 22 located inside the city of Hong Kong. For extra security, users can even hop on one of the two Secure Core servers available. This means that your connection will be safe from any attacks as your traffic will be routed through servers based in Sweden or Iceland.

Try Proton VPN's unlimited free plan.

In terms of performance, Proton boasts a good track record on bypassing geo-restrictions while unlocking all the major streaming platforms around. And, despite its WireGuard top speeds dropping this time (from 510 to 460Mbps), OpenVPN results improved from 210 to 350Mbps. That's far from matching the fastest VPNs out there, but it's more than enough for streaming and other everyday online activities.

ProtonVPN is one of the most secure VPN providers around, boasting terrific kill switches, powerful encryption, strong protocols to choose from, DNS leak protection and built-in Tor support for accessing Onion sites. All its apps are also open-sourced so that everyone can inspect the code for any vulnerabilities. We couldn't even find any trackers on its website nor Android apps last time we checked. 

ProtonVPN also comes with an unlimited bandwidth free VPN plan, with free servers in Japan that can offer decent speeds to people in Hong Kong. The provider has even recently enlarged its coverage, passing from only 29 to over 100 free servers. However, advanced features like P2P and streaming unlocking are available for paid subscribers only. All Unlimited, Family and Business subscribers at higher risks can even enroll to its new Proton Sentinel program for extra security.

On a negative note, Proton doesn't have a 24/7 live chat just yet. That's why we recommend trying out its free version first to see if it's the right software for you.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Proton VPN test results:
DesignA sleek and stylish dark mode is the star⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of useGreat mobile apps, but the desktop version can be complex⭐⭐⭐⭐
PerformanceA decent performer that doesn't top our rankings⭐⭐⭐⭐
UnblockingPaid plans can unblock a ton of services and sites⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security and privacyLots of security add-ons, an audited policy, and open source apps⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer supportSupport can be patchy and hard to get hold of⭐⭐⭐
PricePremium plans aren't exactly cheap, but the free plan is fantastic⭐⭐⭐⭐

CyberGhost interface across devices

(Image credit: CyberGhost)

5. CyberGhost VPN

A speedy HK VPN packed with an impressive range of servers

Server/s in Hong Kong: Yes | Number of servers: 9,200+ | Server locations: 115 | Maximum devices supported: 7 | Trial length: 45 days | 24/7 live chat support: Yes

Lots of server locations
Speedy live chat help
Above average WireGuard speeds
Loads of features 
Access is limited by device, not connection 
Support site isn't the best 
Subscribe if:

✔️ You want an easy-to-use VPN: a clean and intuitive interface makes CyberGhost VPN an excellent choice for beginners.

✔️ You need a budget VPN: similarly to Surfshark, CyberGhost is a very affordable VPN offering a premium feel.

✔️ You want more than a month to test it: CyberGhost is more generous than other providers on the market, offering a spectacular 45-day money-back guarantee. 

Don't subscribe if:

You need a Disney Plus VPN: in our latest round of testing, CyberGhost VPN struggled to unblock the popular streaming service.

You need in-depth support: while the customer support agents are friendly and helpful, CyberGhost's support site lacks the depth on offer with PIA, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. 

Bottom line ⭐⭐⭐⭐

🔒 CyberGhost VPN is a popular choice for beginners with easy-to-use apps and a whopping 45-day money-back guarantee. 

Want to know more?

Check out our in-depth CyberGhost VPN review to find out more about this popular VPN provider. 

When it comes to server choice, CyberGhost rises above its competitors with more than 9,200 dotted around the globe. If you want to keep your browsing local, you can choose one of its 60 speedy servers based within Hong Kong borders. You can even take advantage of one of its Romanian-based NoSpy servers and boost your security even further. You will have to pay a tiny additional charge for this, though. 

If that wide range of servers isn't enough, its many features and functionalities might help convince you. Its Smart Rules panel, for example, allows users to automatically connect to their preferred server every time they launch its apps. Plus, easy-to-use apps and speedy live chat support make CyberGhost a secure service suited for anyone, even beginners, seeking to boost their digital privacy at ease.

Try CyberGhost VPN's 45-day money-back guarantee

Security-wise, it ticks all the boxes by offering all the standard protocols like OpenVPN and 256-AES encryption. Plus, with a no-logs policy audit carried out by Deloitte, you can rest assured that information about your online activities is not stored.

It is worth noting, though, that we were less impressed by its performances this time around. Its unlocking power wasn't the best—it failed to unlock Disney Plus, but it managed to do so with both UK and US Netflix—so were its top speeds. However, a solid 630Mbps when connected to the WireGuard protocol still beats the likes of ProtonVPN. 

However, CyberGhost's security and apps haven't been audited yet—at the time of writing, only a no-logging audit has been released. This is becoming a bigger issue as more and more providers back up the trustworthiness of their data protection policies by having their services regularly checked.

On a positive note, CyberGhost is more generous when it comes to risk-free trials. It doesn't only offer an extended 45-day money-back guarantee, in fact, but you can also get a CyberGhost free trial—though this is limited to its desktop or mobile app. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CyberGhost VPN test results:
DesignSimple, intuitive, and easily customizable⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of usePerfect for beginners and anyone wanting a simple experience⭐⭐⭐⭐
PerformanceDecent speeds that are great for torrenting, streaming, and gaming online⭐⭐⭐⭐
UnblockingDedicated streaming servers, but struggled to unblock Disney Plus and Netflix UK.⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security and privacyFairly reliable with a third-party audit from Deloitte⭐⭐⭐
Customer supportAgents are helpful, but the on-site content could be better⭐⭐⭐
PriceExcellent value and competitive pricing⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to choose the best VPN for Hong Kong

As mentioned before, bypassing online censorship and securing your data privacy are likely to be the main reasons to get a Hong Kong VPN. 

We recommend looking out for a service with a proven reputation, tight security features and a strict no-logging policy. A VPN with reliable obfuscation technology is also your best bet to easily evade restrictions, as it masks the fact you're using a security software helping you bypass VPN blocks

Besides security, nobody likes a service offering poor performance. Depending on which is your main need (torrenting, gaming, streaming?), a VPN with a large range of available servers in and around Hong Kong is very likely to secure you more reliable and faster connection speeds.

Finally, high-quality customer support is always welcomed—especially for those new to the VPN world. If that's the case, make sure your choice has 24/7 live chat service

Hong Kong flag against blue sky

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Hong Kong VPN: FAQs

Are VPNs legal in Hong Kong?

Yes, unlikely in mainland China, VPNs are still legal in Hong Kong. This is because according to the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy, Hong Kong can have different digital privacy laws. However, this might change as the influence of Beijing is notably growing across the country.  

It is also worth reminding that, as everywhere else in the world, you are still at risk to be prosecuted if you commit any crimes while using a security software.  

Which VPNs have Hong Kong-based servers?

No matter which VPN provider you will choose from our list of the top 5 best Hong Kong VPN services—from ExpressVPN and NordVPN, to Surfshark, ProtonVPN and CyberGhost—all offer servers within the city borders. You will then be able to anonymously browse while keeping your search results local. 

All of our picks as the best Hong Kong VPN also boasts many servers in neighboring countries. That means that you will be able to enjoy fast connection speed and access any censored site at ease. That's especially beneficial in case Hong Kong online censorship gets stricter. 

Can I watch Netflix in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong natives can sign up for a Netflix subscription. This is great news and provides even more of a need for a Hong Kong VPN that allows you to watch Netflix. 

Whether you're from Hong Kong and traveling abroad, or you're a visitor in Hong Kong, a Netflix VPN will allow you to access your Netflix library as normal without facing geo-restrictions.

How do I get a Hong Kong VPN?

Choose from one of our top five Hong Kong VPN providers, visit its website and choose from one of its payment plans. Once you're signed up and logged in, you can choose which device you want to install your VPN on. A lot of the time, a VPN service can detect what device you're using at the time and prompt you to install from there.

Downloading is fairly intuitive and straightforward. Once you have the client on your device, you can choose a server to connect to. If you want to appear within Hong Kong, search from the list of locations. Alternatively, you can look up a server based elsewhere around the world. 


We test and review VPN services in the context of legal recreational uses. For example: 1. Accessing a service from another country (subject to the terms and conditions of that service). 2. Protecting your online security and strengthening your online privacy when abroad. We do not support or condone the illegal or malicious use of VPN services. Consuming pirated content that is paid-for is neither endorsed nor approved by Future Publishing.

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