Proton launches new protection program for users at higher risk of cyberattacks

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Proton, the provider behind one of the best VPN and secure email services around, has just launched a new security protection program for users at higher risk of cyber attacks.

Combining the power of AI with in-depth human analysis, Proton Sentinel claims to take the security offered by all Proton privacy tools to the next level. Advanced security systems work then alongside greater visibility on account changes, logins, and a 24/7 security analysis reviewing any suspicious activity.

All Proton Unlimited, Family, and Business account holders can now enable Proton Sentinel and benefit from even more privacy and security online. Below, we dig into more details on why and how to use Proton's new protections.

Why use Proton Sentinel

"End-to-end encryption is only as strong as the security that keeps bad actors out of people’s accounts. Ensuring that our users, especially those at a heightened risk of cyber attacks, retain exclusive control over their accounts is of paramount importance to us," said Eamonn Maguire, Head of Account Security at Proton.

Despite the use of security tools like VPNs and password managers to help mitigate some online risks, cybercriminals keep finding new ways to break into businesses' or individuals' personal accounts. 

Over 721 million credentials logins were leaked in 2022 alone, in fact. Even worse, data suggests 2023 is set to be the biggest ever year for cybercrime

This chart shows the expected cost of cybercrime until 2027.

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The Swiss-based provider has long been praising its commitment to keep users private and secure. Proton VPN, for example, is equipped with extra features to block intrusive ads and malware. While, multiple in-house developed protection layers seek to guard users against phishing, DDos, and other attacks across the board.

Yet, with many high-profile users like human rights activists and journalists trusting its security software with their highly sensitive data, Proton felt it had to go the extra mile to mitigate even more these risks. 

"To that end, the Proton Sentinel program bolsters our account protection system and gives our higher risk users an extra layer of protection," explained Maguire.

Proton Sentinel uses AI to detect suspicious activities on user accounts. The provider told us that the program is configured to have higher challenge rates for its users, alongside stricter parameters for suspicious login attempts.

Still, what the provider believes makes the real difference is the added human element. This integrates the work of teams of expert security analysts with automated 24/7 security protection for quickly detecting any infiltration and account takeover attempts.

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Greater details on login attempts come as a way for individuals to be the ultimate guardians of their own security. (Image credit: Proton)

Top-notch security doesn't end with advanced protection systems, though. According to the Swiss-based provider, individuals should be the ultimate guardians of their own security. That's why, "Proton Sentinel will give users more control than ever before, as well as the peace of mind that they, and only they, are able to access their data," said Maguire.

These self-monitoring features include more security alerts and enhanced logs that show greater detail on login attempts, such as the device used, and the type of protection used to prevent account access in case of a suspicious login event.

Proton Sentinel comes free of charge with either the Unlimited, Family, or Business subscriptions alongside all the tools making up Proton's privacy ecosystem (Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, and Proton Pass). Other users will then need to upgrade if they wish to enjoy the new service.

Feel like you might be a potential target for cybercriminals? Head to the account settings and activate Proton Sentinel to benefit from increased security and control exactly when you need it the most.

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