Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with keyboard gets huge $440 discount at Best Buy

A Microsoft Surface Pro 9 on a blue background.
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Laptops and tablets feel like they’re getting sleeker and more portable than ever and one such highlight is the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. Today, you can buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 at Best Buy for $1,099.99 (was $1,539.99).

A great option for anyone who wants power  as well as good looks, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is even more appealing while you can save so much. This particular deal comes with a Surface Pro keyboard so it’s all ready to go as a laptop that is highly portable. It’s one of the laptop deals to go for today if you can’t decide between buying a tablet or laptop but you don’t want to miss out on the flexibility of either.

Today’s best Microsoft Surface Pro 9 deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 + Surface Pro keyboardnow $1,099.99 at Best Buy

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 + Surface Pro keyboard: was $1,539.99 now $1,099.99 at Best Buy

It’s always good to see hefty discounts on big name brands with the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 certainly full of charm and appeal. It only has 256GB of SSD storage but other than that, it’s plain sailing for anyone who wants to work speedily on the move. The 13-inch screen is a huge highlight too with Dolby Vision support and 120Hz refresh rate, while it comes with a Surface Pro keyboard too for easy typing and productivity.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 looks great. Rumors regarding a Microsoft Surface Pro 10 continue to linger but for now, you can’t get newer than the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. Its performance is reliably mid-range but the thing we love most is its screen. It’s the kind of screen that means when we compared the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and Apple iPad Pro, we were impressed. 

The touchscreen is highly responsive and silky smooth thanks to the Dynamic Refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which will adapt to whatever task you're carrying out. Dolby Vision means it’s perfect for watching movies on the move, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 also does a good job while you work thanks to the included keyboard. It may not quite be one of the best laptops but there’s a reason why that many still love it -- it’s just so convenient in mostly every way.

One great idea is to use it as a laptop for work then relax in tablet form in the evening.

With Memorial Day sales approaching, we’re hopeful for more Surface Pro deals like this but we’ll be surprised if they go cheaper than this. Of course, there are always other laptop deals if you’d prefer something more powerful (or with more storage). 

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