Forget new iPads next week – a reliable leaker says it's not happening

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I’m going to have to ask you to cool your metaphorical jets if you were expecting new iPads to launch next week, as serial Apple tipster Mark Gurman has poured cold water on those smouldering rumors.

Previous claims had tipped new iPads to be revealed on March 26, but Gurman has since weighed in on X, tweeting that the rumors of such a launch are “not true.” 

As a Bloomberg reporter with a solid record of accurate Apple tips and supposed insider information, Gurman’s claims tend to be on the money. So, we're fairly sure that we won’t see new iPads next week.

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While a few iPad-related rumors and tips have bubbled to the surface recently, based on my years of covering Apple tech, my feeling is we’d have had more substantial rumors if there were new iPads arriving this month. The minor wrinkle here is that Gurman hasn't got any fresh hints at when we could see these new iPads, which are thought to be new iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

However, Gurman has previously suggested that we could see new iPads some time around April. Apple has released iPads in this second quarter/Spring period before, so I’d be more confident of an April reveal than one next week.

What’s on the horizon? 

If and when Apple does launch new iPads, we’re expecting to see new iPad Pro models, potentially with OLED displays and likely access to the powerful Apple M3 chip. But no radical redesign is expected.

There are also hints of a refreshed iPad Air (aka the iPad Air 6), with some rumors tipping a 12.9-inch iPad Air. Presumably, this model would provide a larger-screened iPad experience for those who don't want to shell out a hefty wad of cash for an iPad Pro.

I’m somewhat crossing my fingers for an iPad mini 7, but that’s not looking too likely as Apple may be slowly calling time on its smallest tablet

In any case, if you want an iPad right now, check out our list of the best iPads and the best iPad deals, as even with new models on the horizon you can't really go wrong with any iPad today, as they are basically the gold standard of tablets. 

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