The iPad Pro 2024 could have extremely slim bezels, but that might not be a good thing

iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) on table
The iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) (Image credit: Future)

Just yesterday, we heard that the iPhone 16 line might have ultra-thin bezels, and now a leak points to the iPad Pro 2024 having smaller bezels than its predecessor too.

This comes from leaker Instant Digital, posting on Chinese site Weibo (via MacRumors), who claims that the 11-inch iPad Pro 2024 will have 7.12mm bezels and the 12.9-inch model will have 7.08mm bezels – excluding the metal edges.

According to MacRumors, that would make the bezels on these new Pros about 10-15% slimmer than on previous iPad Pro models, released between 2018 and 2022 (the latest of which being the iPad Pro 2022).

We’d take this claim of smaller bezels with a pinch of salt, but the source has accurately leaked Apple information in the past, so they may well be correct.

There is then the question of whether smaller bezels on an iPad are actually a good thing, since it can be desirable to have an area around a display that you can touch knowing that it won't actually interact with anything on-screen when holding a device of this size. But if nothing else, this reduction should certainly help the iPad Pro 2024 look more modern and high-end.

Not the main upgrade

There are far more exciting things rumored for the iPad Pro 2024 than smaller bezels though, chief of which being the move to an OLED display for the first time on an iPad, which should improve the tablet's viewing experience.

Other previous leaks point to the iPad Pro 2024 having a powerful M3 chipset, a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, and possibly supporting wireless charging via MagSafe; so there could be quite a lot of changes and upgrades this generation, which feels long overdue.

We probably won’t be waiting much longer for these new Apple slates either, with some leaks suggesting the iPad Pro 2024 could land this month; the consensus among leakers being that it will at least land in the first half of the year, probably alongside the iPad Air 6.

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