From Oppenheimer to The Bear, here's where to stream the 81st Golden Globes' 4 biggest winners

Cilliam Murphy's Robert Oppenheimer stares directly into the camera in a press image for Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer
Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer was the biggest winner on the night. (Image credit: Oppenheimer)

The 81st Golden Globes were a celebration of (mostly) great art, and some of our favorite movies and TV shows bagged multiple awards. 

Oppenheimer was the biggest winner on the night (January 7), with the three-hour epic drama taking home five awards. Interestingly, though, the other three big winners weren't some of Oppenheimer's esteemed peers, such as Barbie. Indeed, it was a trio of TV series that debuted on some of the world's best streaming services – Max's Succession bagging four, and Netflix's Beef and Hulu's The Bear landing three awards each – that followed Oppenheimer onto 2024's first awards podium in second and joint-third place.

If you haven't already seen these brilliant big- and small-screen powerhouses, you're in for a treat – even better, you can stream them all right now. Without further ado, here's where you can watch the 2024 Golden Globes winners.


Where to stream: rent or but on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, Rakuten, YouTube and more

Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan's moody biopic of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the so-called father of the atomic bomb, isn't available to stream anywhere yet. When it finally lands on a platform you're likely subscribed to, it should join the ranks of Peacock – the streamer owned by Universal, which distributed Nolan's latest big-budget film – in the US. As for the UK and Australia, expect it to debut on Sky and Netflix respectively.

As for the awards it won at this year's Golden Globes, here's what Oppenheimer picked up: Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Actor (Cillian Murphy), Best Male Supporting Actor (Robert Downey Jr), Best Director (Nolan), and Best Original Score. Check out our Christopher Nolan movies ranked piece to see how we rated his other cinematic offerings.


Where to stream: Max (US), Sky (UK), Binge and Foxtel (Australia)

With Succession season 4 bringing the hugely popular corporate familial drama to a close last year – it was one of our picks for the 34 best shows of 2023 – it seemed inevitable that it would land a few prizes in its final Golden Globes appearance.

Succession did just that, too, with it securing awards for Best Television Series – Drama ahead of The Last of Us, The Crown, and The Diplomat. It also bagged the Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama award for Sarah Snook, Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television for Matthew MacFadyen, and Best Actor – TV Drama for Kieran Culkin. Proof – if any more was needed – that it's one of the best Max shows of all-time.


Where to stream: Netflix worldwide

Following his surprise withdrawal from the Marvel's Thunderbolts movie cast just days into the New Year, Beef's Steven Yeun won the snappily titled award for Best Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Television Motion Picture. Yeun's co-star Ali Wong also won the equally catchy Best Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Television Motion Picture. The show's third and final gong came in the Best Limited Series, Anthology Series or Television Motion Picture category.

Given its uncomfortable dark humor, towering cast performances, and surprisingly emotionally engaging narrative, you'll want to stick Beef on your watch list ASAP. It's one of the best Netflix shows of recent times, believe us.

The Bear

Where to stream: Hulu (US), Disney Plus (internationally)

Arguably the most shocking winner on the night – because of the competition it was up against, not because it's not an absolutely brilliant show – The Bear with three awards from this year's ceremony.

The FX-developed series won Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, despite not being a musical or a comedy (there are funny moments to be had, but you'd need to be pretty odd to find season 2's gruelling and incredible 'Fishes' episode full of laughs). Lead actor and current viral thirst trap Jeremy Allen White picked up the award for Best actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy, while the wonderful Ayo Edebri won Best Television Actress – Musical or Comedy for this culinary delight of the TV series.

Go and binge the show's first two seasons on the platform of your choice now before The Bear season 3 is released. As one of the best Hulu shows and best Disney Plus shows around, you'll want to do so, too. All together now: Yes, chef!

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