Invincible season 3: what we know about the hit Prime Video show's return

Mark Grayson flies at supersonic speed in Invincible season 2, the precursor to Invincible season 3
When will Mark Grayson fly back onto our screens? (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)
Invincible season 3: key information

- Announced back in May 2021
- No confirmed release date
- Development "very far along", according to co-creator
- Main members of the ensemble cast expected to return
- New cast additions haven't been announced so far
- No plot synopsis released
- Comic book series hints at where the story could go next
- No trailer or footage released online yet
- Fourth season hasn't secretly been greenlit

It's time to start the Invincible season 3 countdown clock. The hit show's second season has only just ended and, while we're sad to see the R-rated Amazon series depart our screens again, it's good to know we won't have long to wait for its next installment.

That's right, Invincible's third season is already in development, so the Prime Video superhero show will definitely be back. We'd be amazed if it flies back onto our TV screens before early 2025, mind you.

In the meantime, there's plenty of reading for you to do – and lots for us to speculate on – before Invincible season 3 arrives. First, read our Invincible season 2 ending explained article to see what it sets up ahead of the animated series next installment. Then, check out what we know about season 3, including our thoughts on its potential release date, confirmed cast, story rumors, and more.

Major spoilers follow for Invincible season 2 part 1 and Invincible season 2 part 2. Full spoilers also follow for the graphic novel series it's based on.

Invincible season 3 release date: what we know so far

Mark and Debbie chat in the back garden of their family home in Invincible season 2 part 2

"So, Mark, when do you think Invincible season 3 will be released?" (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Invincible season 3 doesn't have an official release date. Amazon renewed Invincible for seasons 2 and 3 in May 2021, though, so we know it's on the way.

In July 2023, the official Invincible X/Twitter account revealed that voice recording work had been completed, which "will help ensure there won’t be as long a gap again". The long gap that's referenced is the near-two-year break between Invincible season 1 and its successor.

Elaborating further, Invincible's comics and TV show co-creator Robert Kirkman told IGN (in August 2023) that season 3 was "very far along". However, speaking to Collider, he also said he "can't say" when one of the best Prime Video shows would return.

We'd be surprised if it's with us before 2024 ends. Other Prime Video TV Originals, such as The Rings of Power's second season, are expected to launch this year and Amazon won't want two of its biggest first-party shows to launch simultaneously and divide their viewership. It's more likely season 3 will be released in early 2025. Even then, it could arrive in two parts like its forebear, something that co-showrunner Simon Racioppa exclusively told TechRadar "wasn't the original plan" for Invincible season 2, which might mean early and mid- to late 2025 launches.

Invincible season 3 cast: confirmed and rumored

Eve, Mark, and some of the Guardians of the Globe on a space shuttle in Invincible season 2 part 2

Eve, Mark, and the Guardians of the Globe won't be back for some time, we suspect. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Full spoilers follow for Invincible season 2 and its source material.

Here's who we expect to appear in Invincible season 3:

  • Steven Yeun as Mark Grayson/Invincible
  • J.K. Simmons as Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man
  • Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson
  • Gillian Jacobs as Samantha Eve Wilkins/Atom Eve
  • Walton Goggins as Cecil Stedman
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Donald Ferguson
  • Andrew Rannells as William Clockwell
  • Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Rex Sloan/Rex Splode
  • Ross Marquand as The Immortal and Rudy Connors
  • Zachary Quinto as Robot
  • Malese Jow as Katherine Cha/Dupli-Kate
  • Grey Griffin as Rachel/Shrinking Ray and Amanda
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Monster Girl and The Mauler Twins
  • Khary Payton as Markus Grimshaw/Black Samson
  • Jay Pharoah as Zandale Rudolph/Bulletproof
  • Ben Schwartz as The Shapesmith
  • Mark Hamill as Art Rosenbaum
  • Peter Cullen as Thaedus
  • Tatiana Maslany as Telia
  • Clancy Brown as General Kregg
  • Shantel Vanshanten as Anissa
  • Sterling K. Brown as Angstrom Levy
  • Calista Flockhart as April Howsam

There are other supporting cast members who could feature in season 3, but the above actors are the most noteworthy – and that includes Brown's Levy. His return will come as a big surprise to anyone who hasn't read the comics, but we'll explain why we'll likely see him again in our spoiler-filled plot section. Vanshanten's Anissa should be part of season 3's cast roster, too. The Viltrumite warrior plays a significant role in Mark's story, so she should reappear at some point. 

Then there's Oliver Grayson, Mark's half-brother, who'll continue to age rapidly in season 3, start speaking, and acquire his own superpowers. Chatting to CoveredGeekly, Racioppa confirmed someone has been cast as Oliver, so we'll find out who that is soon. Other cast additions, such as the heavily teased arrival of Space Racer in season 2 episode 6, could be announced ahead of season 3's release, too.

One actor who might have been cast as a season 3 newcomer is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In January 2023, we reported that The Walking Dead alumnus had seemingly joined the Invincible roster. However, Kirkman shot down that rumor prior to season 2's launch, exclusively telling TechRadar that he was "going to disappoint people" by saying Morgan wouldn't voice a new character in the TV adaptation's second season, which proved to be the case.

However, considering Morgan posted an image on his personal Instagram (see above) with a stack of Invincible Ultimate Collection books, we still think he's voicing someone – the Viltrumite warrior known as Conquest, perhaps? We'd be okay with that.

As for voice actors we don't expect to see (or, rather, hear) again, we don't think Zazie Beetz's Amber Bennett will show up again. Amber broke up with Mark in season 2's penultimate episode, which also happens in the comics. While Amber has a small role to play after the pair part ways in the source material, there was a finality to their relationship in the season 2 finale. In our minds, we've seen the last of her.

Invincible season 3 plot speculation

Russ Livingston is taken over by another sequid in Invincible season 2

The sequids storyline isn't over yet, folks. (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

Full spoilers follow for Invincible season 2 and the comic books it's inspired by.

There's no official plot synopsis for Invincible season 3 yet, but we've got a good idea about what'll happen, based on the season 2 finale and the source material. Before we get into spoiler territory, Racioppa has teased (via The Direct) what fans can expect from the show's next batch of episodes on one of the world's best streaming services.

"Half the fun of season 3 is like, 'Oh my God, we have to deal with all the stuff that happened in season 2'," he said. "All the ramifications of that, all of the reverberations of that, all the trauma from that. How does that change our characters going forward? So, that's really fun because we have these new challenges for our characters in season 3. How do we keep all the previous seasons still relevant and in our minds and in our character's minds when we go forward? So that's super fun and exciting.

"We want our characters to keep on evolving, we want our world to keep on evolving, we want things to change, but still feel real," Racioppa continued. "That stuff is, you know, it's great. Like, we have a great writers room. We all sit down, we all go through all that stuff. We talk about how that would change our characters and how they would feel differently. And then, of course, we still want to make it a big, exciting superhero show. So it's like blending all that stuff together as hopefully what gets us a really great season."

This is your final spoiler warning. Don't scroll past this point if you haven't watched all of Invincible season 2!

A screenshot of Angstrom Levy's bloodied body on the floor in Invincible season 2's finale

"I... I thought you were stronger..." (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

One of the most shocking moments – hey, it wouldn't be Invincible without them – in the season 2 finale was Mark seemingly beating arch-nemesis Angstrom Levy to death. Long-time fans know Angstrom is still alive, but Mark – who swore he'd never turn into his father and take someone else's life – believes he's killed Angstrom. Mark has been through the emotional wringer countless times in Invincible's first two seasons, so it'll be interesting to see how this latest traumatic event impacts his early season 3 arc.

He won't be the only one attempting to overcome another harrowing life event. Debbie, Mark's mother, was severely injured by Angstrom in season 2 episode 8, so she'll need time to recuperate from her physical (and likely psychological, considering what went down in the Grayson household in the finale) wounds. Debbie will be heavily reliant on April, the nanny of Mark's half-brother Oliver, to help her look after the little one.

An injured Debbie sits in front of her couch with Oliver next to her in Invincible's season 2 finale

Debbie is going to be out of action for a couple of episodes in season 3. (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

Speaking of Oliver, he'll continue to grow at an accelerated rate, meaning it won't be long until his Viltrum superpowers emerge. If Mark thought he had enough on his plate, he'll also need to teach Oliver to master his abilities, which will be crucial in the fights to come.

And by fights, we mean fights. Earth needs Mark and its other heroes to continue defending it from numerous threats. That includes the impending Viltrum invasion, which might form the bedrock of season 3's narrative, more sequids-centric action (Russell Livingston can't catch a break, can he?), and any Earth-based villains who may re-emerge or be adapted from the comics for the first time.

Away from his superhero endeavors, Mark's love life has taken a sharp turn. He's broken up with Amber and is now wrestling with his long-gestating feelings for Eve. A future version of Eve – who, alongside other time-traveling Guardians of the Globe members, rescued Mark following his multi-dimensional fight with Angstrom – asked Mark to tell present-day Eve whether he loves her or not. However, in the season 2 finale's last scene, he declined to do so, which sets up a tantalizing subplot heading into season 3. Will the pair finally get together like they do in the comics? We'll have to wait and see.

Mark and Eve sit on a rooftop looking at the night sky in Invincible season 2 episode 8

Can Mark and Eve just get together already!? (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

There are plenty – and we mean plenty – of other narratives that need to be continued or wrapped up heading into Invincible season 3, too.

For one, Omni-Man and Allen will join forces and break out of Viltrum jail. Afterward, they'll likely head to Talescria, the Coalition of Planets' headquarters and, with the intergalactic organization's leader Thaedus, plan to fight back against the Viltrum Empire. Whisper it quietly, but that means we could get a buddy-cop team up between Omni-Man and Allen, plus the start of their quest to seek out fan-favorite superheroes from the comics – including Tech Jacket and Space Racer – to request their help in defending Earth. 

That's only scratching the surface of what's to come as well. There's the revelation that Dupli-Kate is alive, so it'll be fascinating to see if she rejoins the Guardians or secretly lives with The Immortal for a while. We're still waiting for news regarding Shrinking Rae's recovery after her near-fatal experience in the battle with the Lizard League. Then there's the inevitable return of Anissa who... let's just say does something to Mark that was incredibly shocking at the time of that issue's publication – we'd be amazed if it plays out in the same manner in Amazon's adaptation. 

Throw in the still-fractious nature of the new Guardians team members, more details on the future Guardians team that rescued Mark (what happens to Earth and their fellow heroes in this future timeline if Mark isn't around?), and even updates on open-ended season 1 storylines (we need more Battle Beast and Machine Head in our lives), and Invincible season 3 has lots to cover.

Invincible season 3 trailer: is there one?

Anissa the Viltrumite looks around for Mark in Invincible season 2 episode 7

Glancing around to look out for Invincible season 3's trailer like... (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

Not yet, and it could be a long wait for one to be released. We'll update this section once the first Invincible season 3 trailer arrives.

Is Invincible season 3 going to be the show's final entry?

A bloody and forlorn Omni-Man sits in a prison cell in Invincible season 2's finale

Don't look so sad, Nolan, we're sure Invincible season 3 won't be the show's final entry. (Image credit: Amazon Studios/Skybound Animation)

We'd be shocked if Invincible season 3 is the show's final installment. In total, there are 144 comic books worth of stories to tell. Amazon's adaptation has only covered issues 1 to 12 in season 1, and large swathes of issues 13 through 41-ish in season 2, so there's plenty of ground left to cover.

Where season 2 is concerned, the show's chief creative team rejigged the order of the source material's various subplots, so it's difficult to say which issues and storylines will be part of this series' third season. It's also unclear how many more seasons it'll take to tell Invincible's entire story, too, but we'd guess six to seven seasons will be needed at least.

Meanwhile, based on a November 2022 chat between Collider and Seth Rogen, one of the show's executive producers, there was a rumor that Amazon had internally greenlit another 10-episode run. However, a studio rep exclusively told TechRadar that it hadn't secretly renewed Invincible for a fourth season, so we're none the wiser about the series' future post-season 3. Here's hoping we find out sooner rather than later.

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