Get an iPad for Christmas? Don't miss this Apple Pencil 2 deal to complete your new tablet

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This might be your last chance for a while to get the Apple Pencil 2 at a discounted price; it's currently $89 at Amazon, down from its usual MSRP of $129. 

We've seen Apple's stylus hover around this price on and off since Black Friday 2022, and we even saw it briefly drop as low as $79 in this year's post-Thanksgiving sales event, but with the release of Apple's new, more affordable Apple Pencil USB-C, there's every chance that the after-Christmas sales are the last opportunity we'll see for a while to grab a stylus saving. 

I'm an aspiring digital artist, and even after testing many of the best drawing tablets purpose-built for digital art, the Apple Pencil's ergonomic design, fabulous responsiveness and convenient features like its magnetic charging just keep bringing me back for more. Plus, it keeps my tablet free of greasy finger marks! 

Apple Pencil 2: $129  $89 at Amazon

Apple Pencil 2: was $129 now $89 at Amazon
The Apple Pencil 2 has hovered around this price for much of this year, but following the release of Apple's more affordable $69 USB-C stylus, it wouldn't be a surprise if we don't see the Apple Pencil 2 much cheaper than $100 in 2024. The 2nd Gen model is still the highest-spec stylus from Apple, so this is a great one to take advantage of.

There's never been a better time to invest in an Apple Pencil 2, with many note-taking and creative apps going from strength to strength right now and leveraging some of the best features in iPadOS. 

For example, I've been spending a lot of time learning to animate on Procreate Dreams. Both this and the drawing app Procreate only offer useful features like pressure and tilt sensitivity with the Apple Pencil 2, and not with any non-Apple verified third-party alternative styluses. 

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