You can already save $100 on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 FE but stock is running out fast

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

If you're a fan of the best Samsung phones from the Galaxy S series but want something that slots in between the standard model and the Galaxy S23 Plus size-wise while costing less, then the Galaxy S23 FE is the perfect choice. Right now, despite being new to the market, it's already enjoying a notable discount on Amazon too.

The S23 FE has had an unusually staggered launch, arriving in the likes of the US in early October, but only reaching UK and European shores in December. As such, you'll find the best discounts on this latest FE in the US, with Amazon offering $100 off both the 128GB and 256GB storage models, while Samsung itself is serving up to $350 on accepted trade-ins.

As with previous members of the FE line, the S23 FE serves to give you the look and feel of the company's current flagship phone experience for less. At 6.4-inches it's also the Goldilocks choice for those who find the standard Galaxy S23's 6.1-inch display too diminutive (or just want a bigger battery) or think the 6.6-inch S23 Plus is just too big (or you're not bothered by the latest silicon and 45W fast charging).

You can also pick up the S23 FE in a different assortment of colors to its siblings. However, the deal we're highlighting here does seem to be selling out quickly, with some colors already out-of-stock for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE holiday season deals (US)

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 128GB):$599.99$499.99 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 128GB): was $599.99 now $499.99 on Amazon
Despite its recent release, the Galaxy S23 FE is already $100 off on Amazon. For under $500 you get last year's flagship mobile chip, a triple rear camera, a dynamic 120Hz AMOLED display, 25W fast charging and the latest version of Samsung's own One UI user experience, plus great long-term software support.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 256GB):$659.99$559.99 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 256GB): was $659.99 now $559.99 on Amazon
The upgraded 256GB version of the Galaxy S23 FE enjoys the same $100 discount on Amazon as its smaller-storage-sibling. Some colorways are temporarily out of stock, so be quick.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE:$629.99$329.99 via trade-in on

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: was $629.99 now $329.99 via trade-in on
If you're buying an S23 FE carrier unlocked direct from, you actually pay more than the phone's standard price on the likes of Amazon. That said, it's also the best way to maximise trade-in value on a select smartphones, letting you knock up to a whopping $300 off the asking price.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Christmas deals (UK)

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 256GB):£649£559 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (8GB RAM, 256GB): was £649 now £559 on Amazon
While not quite the saving that the phone enjoys on Amazon US, this Amazon UK discount is available impressively early; relative to the phone's short time on the market, and we suspect it's only going to continue getting cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE:£599£299 via trade-in on

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: was £599 now £299 via trade-in on
While Samsung is currently offering a guaranteed £100 cashback on trade-in, if you're looking to maximise your discount, with the right device, you can bring the standard asking price of the S23 FE down by up to £300.

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