Leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 marketing images show off numerous AI skills

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus hands on back black
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker Todd)

We recently saw some leaked marketing slides for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, and now new images have emerged which highlight yet more features of the phones, which we're expecting to see on January 17.

Shared by leaker Ahmed Qwaider (via Phone Arena), the first of these images highlights the design of the Samsung Galaxy S24, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

You can see – as has already been extensively leaked – that these phones look quite a lot like their predecessors, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra standing out from the other two in having a more angular design.

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Four colors are shown for each phone – black, gray, yellow, and purple shades. We know from previous Samsung Galaxy S24 color leaks that these shades may look slightly different on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra than on the other two Galaxy S24 models, and that they might be joined by three Samsung store-exclusive colors, believed to be Sandstone Orange, Sapphire Blue, and Jade Green.

This image also lists screen specs, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 apparently having a 6.2-inch FHD+ screen, the Galaxy S24 Plus listed as having a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra said to have a 6.8-inch QHD+ display.

All three can apparently reach 2,600 nits of brightness, and they’re all apparently flat too, which would be the first time in a long time that every new Galaxy S model has had a flat display. Finally, this image mentions a 200MP main camera for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and 50MP ones for the other two phones, all of which has been leaked previously.

All sorts of AI

The remaining images are focused on AI features, including Note Assist, which can automatically summarize, format, and translate your notes, and Live Translate, which can provide live translations of calls.

Finally, the images tease the ability to circle or tap within any image, video, or text to search for the exact thing you’re interested in, with the example shown being a specific backpack in a photo.

It’s worth noting that, as has previously been leaked, these AI features are listed as needing a Samsung Account, with Note Assist also requiring an internet connection, according to the small print.

That could make it slightly limited, but these still sound like potentially very useful features, and based on previous leaks they won’t be alone, with many other AI tools likely to land as part of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series – we’ll know for sure in a couple of days.

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