Leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 case designs hint at Galaxy Z Flip 5-style customization

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z Flip 5 on a plane background with the Flipsuit case
(Image credit: Samsung)

Details of cases and other accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series have been revealed ahead of its expected launch at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17.

If you’re planning to snap up one of Samsung’s prospective new handsets you might already be thinking about how to put your unique stamp on your the likes of the Galaxy S24 Plus, while also keeping it pristine and protected, and accessories retailer and blog MobileFun has shared some of the official cases you’ll reportedly be able to choose from.

The leaked list includes an official silicone case for the Samsung S24 Ultra, available in White, Light Green, Yellow, Violet, and Dark Violet, as well as a Standing Grip Case that could be used as a kickstand to help users watch films on their device. 

The retailer also says that one of the most interesting cases in the selection will be a clear and customizable 'Suit case' that will be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra phones. 

This new case looks like it'll be similar to the Flipsuit case that's available for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. This popular case uses interchangeable “contents cards” that feature NFC technology for transferring data instantly to the phone, allowing users to instantly change the whole theme of their device including the UI, wallpapers, and animations to match the card. They're simple to use and quick to set up; you just need to make sure NFC is enabled and then slip the card between your phone and the clear case and the phone does the rest.

Make it your own

If inclined, users could change the look of their Galaxy S24 day to day, giving their phone a fresh aesthetic to every occasion and most likely, preventing them from getting bored of a phone series that's expected to be very similar to its predecessors.

Going by the customization option see with the Flipsuit case, there may be lots of recognizable characters and brands to choose from, including Disney, The Simpsons, Pringles, and the work of artists like Keith Harring, Yeseul O, and Lee Eun, that can be appled to the Galaxy S24 models via the interactive cards.

One-screen wonder

Two Samsung Galaxy Flip Z 5's on a plane background using the Flipsuit case

(Image credit: Samsung)

There is, however, one potential drawback that could make the customizable case not work as well on the Samsung Galaxy S24. Without a second screen on the back of the device as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has the case could appear less impactful.

It'll be interesting to see how well these cards work without having a second screen and whether that fact will limit their popularity.

Prices haven’t yet been listed for the Galaxy S24 versions of the case but the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Flipsuit Case currently costs $59.99 / £39 / AU$79, while the cards currently available for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 sell for $14.99 / £12 / AU$25. 

We’d guess that pricing for the Galaxy S24 versions won’t be that different, these cases could be a fun and interesting way to quickly customize your Samsung Galaxy S24 and add a splash of color to your phone.

If you're thinking of picking up a Galaxy S24, if and when it's been officially revealed, make sure to check out our guide to Samsung Galaxy S24 preorders

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