Bad news: Samsung’s successor to the best cheap phone of 2023 isn’t coming to the US

Samsung Galaxy A55 on an pink background
The Samsung Galaxy A55 (above) is set to launch on March 20 (Image credit: Samsung / Future)

We’re huge fans of the Samsung Galaxy A54 here at TechRadar, so much so that the device currently occupies coveted spots on our best cheap phones and best Samsung phones lists, but Samsung itself has shared a disappointing update regarding the availability of the A54’s successor, the Galaxy A55.

Speaking to CNET, the company confirmed that it "will not be carrying the Galaxy A55 5G [in the US market] at this time,” with the phone’s availability instead reserved for regions including the UK, Europe and Australia at launch.

Interestingly, the even more affordable Galaxy A35 will be made available in the US at launch, which represents something of a strategy shift from Samsung, since the company typically releases the more expensive of its two annual mid-range phones globally, and the cheaper option in selected regions (the Galaxy A54, for instance, launched worldwide, while the Galaxy A34 launched in markets outside of the US).

Samsung’s decision to limit the availability of the Galaxy A55, then, suggests the company is keen to push US customers towards the recently released Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, which boasts similar specs – and a potentially similar price – to the upcoming mid-range flagship (check out our Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review for our full verdict on the former phone).

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE costs $599.99 in the US (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

The Galaxy A55 isn’t a million miles away from the Galaxy A35 in terms of specs, either. For instance, both phones share the same 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display (with a variable 120Hz refresh rate), the same 5,000mAh battery, the same 128GB storage capacity, and the same suite of Samsung Knox and Samsung Knox Vault security tools.

The Galaxy A55 has a slightly more powerful Exynos chipset than its cheaper sibling, as well as slightly better cameras and a slightly higher RAM capacity. But then the Galaxy S23 FE – which retails for a very reasonable $599.99 in the US – is the phone to go for if you’re after premium specs at an affordable price.

What’s more, the US market is already spoiled for choice when it comes to impressive mid-range mobile options. The new OnePlus 12R, for instance, is a super long-lasting device with an outstanding display, while the ever-depreciating Google Pixel 7a ranks alongside the best camera phones. Google’s next mid-range flagship, the Google Pixel 8a, is rumored to be on the horizon, too (though that phone may not be as cheap as we hope). 

So, while we’re disappointed that the Galaxy A55 won’t be getting a global release (at least not at launch), there are plenty of great affordable alternatives available from both Samsung itself and rival mobile manufacturers. 

As for whether the excellent Galaxy A54 will remain on sale in the US following the overseas launch of the Galaxy A55, we’ve reached out to Samsung for confirmation.

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