The new iOS 17 alarm tones are so good, you’ll look forward to waking up

iPhone alarm interface
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iOS 17 is now available to download on any iPhone newer than an iPhone XS, and alongside a hidden setting that will make your iPhone feel twice as fast, my favorite new feature of Apple's latest software update is the refreshed ringtone library. 

Yes, you read that right: I’m excited about new ringtones (or rather, new alarm tones, since I keep my iPhone perennially locked in silent mode). iOS 17 adds a whopping 24 new alarm tones and 12 new text tones – props to 9to5Mac’s Ian Zelbo for flagging them all on X – and, quite frankly, they're so good, you’ll look forward to waking up in the morning.

Seriously, give them a listen via the post below. Arpeggio is an ‘80s synth track that wouldn’t sound out of place in an episode of Miami Vice. Unfold and Seedling seem plucked straight from the soundtrack of a Keira Knightley period drama. Chalet, Daybreak, and Departure are perfect lo-fi hits for an angsty Instagram reel.

Reflection remains the default ringtone, and you’ll find this and the rest of the classic iPhone tones in a separate ‘Classic’ category, but it’s refreshing to see Apple bring so many new sound options to the table with iOS 17.

In the age of titanium-clad smartphones (hello, iPhone 15 Pro Max), the humble ringtone might seem like a trivial feature, but for me and millions of other iPhone users around the world, they’re the first thing we hear when we get up in the morning (kudos to anyone who can sit through more than five seconds of Old Car Horn). 

iOS 17 StandBy Mode screen showing

StandBy mode turns your iPhone into a smart display (Image credit: Apple)

Apple clearly had your morning on its mind when developing other iOS 17 features, too. The new StandBy mode, for instance, turns your iPhone into a miniature smart display, complete with an alarm clock, calendar, weather widgets, and more. It essentially gives your iPhone something to do when you’re not using it.

You can also configure StandBy mode to display a digital photo album, or you can have it turn your iPhone into a simple bedside clock, without the widgets. In his iOS 17 review, TechRadar’s US Mobiles Editor, Philip Berne, said that he “especially like[s] that StandBy is well designed for bedside clock duties. It turns a deep red at night, and it won’t disturb your night vision.”

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