Google Pixel 9 Pro teased for first time in promo for Google's August Pixel event

Google Pixel 8 Pro review camera angled BLTR
The Pixel 8 Pro, Google's 2023 flagship (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

Google has surprised us all by moving its annual October Pixel launch event forward to August: Tuesday, August 13 to be exact. What's more, the official teaser for the event gives us a big clue about what's going to be revealed.

Okay, it was already a pretty safe bet that the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro would show up at this event – but as Android Police notes, the very brief promo clip that appears as you load up the new holding page on the Google Store gives us a look at the Pixel 9 Pro.

This would appear to be the Pro model because of the triple-lens camera that's just about visible on the back of the handset – oh, and it mentions "Pro" in the page URL too. The same teaser clip has also been posted to YouTube by Google and is embedded below.

It's not much to go on, but it confirms we are going to get Google's next flagship phones two months earlier than expected – perhaps to get ahead of the iPhone 16, which is due in September. Google previously launched the Pixel 8a in May.

What we might see

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The Made by Google event page isn't giving much away about what's coming, other than that there will be a livestream. Assuming the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro are definitely going to show up, we could well see some more hardware on show, too.

A third model, the Pixel 9 Pro XL, has been mentioned by some sources. Then there's the Pixel Fold 2 aka the Pixel 9 Pro Fold – the successor to the Pixel Fold, which launched back in May 2023, could be another handset that's revealed.

Other possibilities for this event include the Pixel Watch 3 (following on from last year's Pixel Watch 2), the Pixel Tablet 2 (the original Pixel Tablet went on sale in July 2023), and perhaps a new pair of Google Pixel Buds.

Expect a few more leaks between now and August 13, and we've also got Samsung's next event on July 10 to think about as well – that event should see the debut of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, and several other shiny new gadgets.

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