Google Pixel Watch 3: latest news, rumors, and what we want to see

The Google Pixel Watch 2 on an orange background
The Pixel Watch 2 is due a successor (Image credit: Google)

In our Google Pixel Watch 2 review, we wrote about all the ways in which it improved on the original Pixel Watch, from the lighter weight to the faster performance. Tech never stands still though, and we're already looking forward to the further upgrades we might get with the Pixel Watch 3.

We got the first Pixel Watch in October 2022, with the Pixel Watch 2 following in 2023, so it seems like a safe bet that the Pixel Watch 3 is going to show up at some point late in 2024. We've already heard several rumors about what might be on the way, which provide more evidence of a refresh happening this year.

Here we've collected together everything (we think) we know about the Pixel Watch 3, including its expected price, release date, and specs – and we're going to keep updating this page as more information comes in. We've also put together a wishlist of what we'd like to see – in case anyone at Google is reading.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next Google Pixel smartwatch
  • When is it out? October 2024 looks likely
  • How much will it cost? Around $349 / £349 / AU$549

Google Pixel Watch 3: expected price and release date

We haven't heard any Pixel Watch 3 rumors around a price or release date yet, so all we can do is go off what we've seen in the past. The Pixel Watch launched at a price of $349 / £339 / AU$549 for the Wi-Fi model, and $399 / £379 / AU$649 for the LTE edition.

The next year, we had the Pixel Watch 2 coming in at $349 / £349 / AU$549 with Wi-Fi and $399 / £399 / AU$649 with LTE connectivity added. In other words, the pricing has been pretty consistent, and the Pixel Watch 3 should cost a similar amount.

We also have a predictable pattern with the launches: October 2022 for the Pixel Watch, and October 2023 for the Pixel Watch 2, so we are guessing it'll be October 2024 for the Pixel Watch 3. We might even see the Google Pixel 9 at the same time.

Google Pixel Watch 3: news and rumors

Google Pixel Watch how to extend battery life sleep tracking

The original Pixel Watch (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

We haven't heard a huge number of Pixel Watch 3 leaks and rumors yet, but we are slowly getting a better idea of what this smartwatch is going to bring along with it. No doubt more information will appear as we get closer to the expected October 2024 launch date.

One rumor that we've heard not once but twice is that we're going to get a larger Pixel Watch model for the first time: possibly a 45mm size to go with the current 41mm size offered by the existing models. This two-size approach is of course something that Samsung and Apple already take with their own smartwatches.

Speaking of following where the Apple Watch leads, it's also been reported that the Google Pixel Watch 3 will come with ultra wideband (UWB) technology inside. That's the standard that allows for location tracking and short-range communication up to a high level of precision, and it might be used to improve the Pixel Watch's ability to unlock your Android phone (which is handled by Bluetooth on Google's existing smartwatches).

Google Pixel Watch 3: what we want to see

The Google Pixel Watch 2 on a wrist

The Pixel Watch 2 is great, but it's not perfect (Image credit: Future)

While we wait for more Google Pixel Watch 3 rumors and leaks to appear, we've got some thoughts on how Google might improve the device compared with the Pixel Watch 2 – could Google finally make a five-star smartwatch?

1. Smarter stats

It was all the way back in 2021 that Google acquired Fitbit, but it still feels like the job of integrating Fitbit's health and fitness know-how into the Pixel devices is still a work-in-progress – something that might change with the Pixel Watch 3.

Fitbit Premium is now part of a Google One subscription in at least one country now, and we're hoping some of the same advanced features (including detailed sleep analysis and a daily readiness score) find their way into the next Google Pixel wearable.

2. More battery life

It's the perennial request from smartwatch owners: more battery life, especially when these devices are expected to track sleep as well as daily activities (it's hard to get a full picture of how well you're sleeping if your wearable is charging every night).

While the Pixel Watch 2 impressed by managing to go up to 24 hours between charges, we still think Google can do better than that with the Pixel 3. There's still some way to go before it manages to get the same time between charges as the best Garmin watches.

3. Smoother software

While it's true that Google has been showing Wear OS more love recently, it still feels awkward and clunky in places. There have been rumors that Wear OS 5 could make its debut this year, with Google and Samsung working together on the software project.

We're not sure exactly what upgrades Wear OS might bring with it, but smoother performance and new customizations would be most welcome. In other words, we're keen to see a software experience that matches the quality of the Pixel Watch 3 hardware.

4. Extra AI

Everything is getting more AI nowadays, and we don't think the Pixel Watch 3 is going to be left out: it's possible that generative Gemini AI goodies will be built right into the wearable, or at least be available through a Pixel phone that's connected to the smartwatch.

We've seen Samsung introduce a bunch of Galaxy AI features this year with the Galaxy S24, and we know it plans to extend these tools to its smartwatches too. That puts the pressure on Google, which might mean features like live translation capabilities right on your wrist.

5. Easier band attachments

The band attachment method deployed by the Pixel Watch and the Pixel Watch 2 works, but only just – it's a bit too fiddly for our liking, and tends to put you off from ever swapping bands. There's definitely room for improvement here.

Speaking of bands, a greater variety of straps would also be welcome with the Pixel Watch 3. This is an area where the Apple Watch 9 is really strong (as all of its predecessors were) – a different band can really change the look and feel of a smartwatch.

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