You can back this foldable E Ink typewriter on Kickstarter right now


King Jim, a Japanese tech company that has released portable E Ink computers exclusively in Japan since 2008, is bringing its latest foldable, text-only computer to the US via Kickstarter

The Pomera Pocket Typewriter with E Ink comes with a 6-inch, black-and-white screen and a Japanese layout keyboard with foldable legs. 

When fully closed, it sits at only 156 x 126 x 33 mm, or about 6” x 5” x 1.3” – small enough to fit in most pockets. Plus, it only weighs one pound.  

Via King Jim

Via King Jim

When you pull up the screen, the Pomera automatically turns on, and the keyboard’s feet automatically extend outward into a ready-to-type position. 

It doesn’t have any touchscreen or trackpad functionality, so you’ll exclusively navigate through your documents through the keyboard. 

Like all E Ink devices, the Pomera has no backlight, which will prevent eye strain when taking notes during meetings. 

It’s designed specifically as a word processor, with customizable font sizes, line spacing and keyboard shortcuts, but no other apps except for a memo calendar and .csv-enabled spreadsheets. 

Via King Jim

Via King Jim

This old-fashioned device doesn’t have internet connectivity, but King Jim added some creative solutions for transferring your memos to other devices. 

Your docs can generate a scannable QR code for transfer to your iPhone via a dedicated app. Or, you can transfer multiple files using the microUSB port or SD card slot. 

Via King Jim

Via King Jim

Pomera is so old-school, in fact, that it runs on AA batteries. Unfortunately, you’ll only get up to 20 hours of typing before you’ll need to switch to a new set. 

King Jim will ship out the Pomera to US backers in November 2018. Early bird backers right now can buy the typewriter for $349, but later backers will pay $449, and it will eventually retail in stores for $550. The company is seeking a goal of $90,676.

Sony’s e-ink tablet, by comparison, sells for $700, but it comes with a touchscreen, cloud connectivity, and a chargeable one- to two-week battery life—just no fancy folding keyboard. 

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