Sony’s new Digital Paper e-ink tablet may be the ultimate notepad

There’s a new version of Sony’s Digital Paper tablet that comes with an improved screen and a better interface than the versions that come before it. But it isn’t cheap.

The Sony DPT-RP1 is an upgrade to the DPTS1 and is essentially a huge e-ink display on which you can take notes, draw or annotate with ease.

Sony’s new version includes a 13-inch 1650 x 2200 resolution screen that offers up 206 pixels-per-inch. There's also 16GB of internal storage to work with, and connectivity to upload files directly to the cloud.

Scrawl away

Much like an Amazon Kindle or ereader, the battery life on this should be great and Sony estimates it’ll take between a week or two weeks to die from a single charge.

Sony has also improved the touchscreen layer for the latest release, which should give you better note taking and annotation features. 

This should make it the ultimate digital notepad that won’t die as quickly as an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil or most other tablets with a stylus.

The price is still a massive deal though as these do not come cheap – it’s $700 (about £540, AU$935) so you'll need to invest quite a bit of cash to be able to buy this.

Considering an Amazon Kindle with an e-ink screen only costs £59/$79 (about AU$105) and will likely drop in price at the time of Black Friday 2017, so it'll be much cheaper than Sony's note taking tablet.

James Peckham

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