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It's the weekend which means eating bacon sandwiches, watching questionable TV gameshows and of course, catching up on TechRadar's reviews.

It's been a quiet one actually but we've still been playing with some pretty cool stuff, and we've also been working hard re-reviewing some older gear in order to bring our buying advice up to date!

TomTom Runner

TomTom's watch is purely about the fitness focus; there are none of the extra whizzes and bangs you'll be finding in the array of smartwatches looming on the horizon. But with its unobtrusive, lightweight design and respectable price tag, the Runner is strong on features that make it a quality companion for both the keen and amateur runner alike.

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The week's hottest reviews

If there's one thing Bose is known for it's quality audio products. And to that end the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker upholds that tradition. Sure the Bluetooth portable speaker scene is crowded with the likes of Jambox, Monster and Beats, but anyone who's interested in portable audio would be remiss to not give the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker a serious listen.

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Sony HX50V

The week's hottest reviews

Although the Sony HX50 is an enjoyable camera to use and it produces images that look good at normal viewing sizes, they don't stand up well to close scrutiny. At 100% on the screen there's a noticeable texture in low sensitivity images and the effects of noise reduction are apparent in high sensitivity shots. Detail resolution is also relatively low.

However, we are forced to ask how much this really matters in a camera like the Sony HX50. Granted the images don't look good if you pixel-peep, but at sensible viewing sizes they generally look great. It might be a problem if you were to crop images, but with a lens with a focal length range equivalent to 24-720mm there shouldn't be many occasions when that is necessary.

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Fuji FinePix F900 EXR

This week's hottest reviews

The Fuji FinePix F900 EXR is an example of a very good camera that is just starting to lag behind some exceptional competition. We've got no complaints about the stellar speed and accuracy of the new autofocus system. Likewise the EXR CMOS II sensor delivers the goods, but at a cost.

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AMD Radeon HD 7990

This week's hottest reviews

AMD is releasing its own spin on the CrossFireX card, code-named Malta - the Radeon HD 7990. Yes people, we're talking about a new graphics card, and at £863 (about AU$1,355, US$1,300) it actually costs more than a GTX Titan.

But that should come as no surprise, given the fastest graphics card in town, Asus' dual-GPU Ares II, costs around £1,200 (about AU$1.885, US$1,810) on its own. If AMD's Radeon cards are sitting atop the graphics card tree, why then is AMD so keen to throw its own version into the mix, especially as it's already helped design parts of its partners' cards?

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Panasonic TX-L55WT65

The week's hottest reviews

The Panasonic TX-L55WT65 makes a startlingly strong first impression. Its sleek, glinting, airy, generally gorgeous design gets the ball rolling, but this is swiftly joined by a brilliantly friendly interface, a feature-rich series of content-access options and, most important of all, some really eye-catchingly sharp, colourful and beautifully nuanced pictures.

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