Daily Deals: Doom, iPad Pro, Amazon Prime, blue Xbox One consoles and more!


Rakuten is back with another collection of voucher code offers and we've selected a sweet hat-trick of gaming and tech deals for you. Fancy blasting through the hordes of hell? Then pick up a cheap copy of Doom on the PS4, or maybe join the Xbox One team in style with a cool blue Forza 6 console. Don't miss out on the iPad Pro 9.7 deal. Today's your last chance to get a £20 discount on Amazon Prime membership too.

Cheap gaming deals

Today's best deals:

Cheap PS4 games at Rakuten

Doom | £31.49 @ Rakuten

This deal is about £5 cheaper than the next best deal and a fantastic price for for the shooter which was only released on Friday. If you're looking for a super slick modern update on a classic retro FPS series, look no further. Voucher code: REDHOT1

View this offer: Doom £31.49

Cheap gaming deals

cheap iPad deals at Rakuten

iPad Pro 9.7 | 32GB | £436 @ Rakuten

Rakuten is back with another lethal voucher code this week, which is great news if you missed out on the recent iPad Pro 9.7 offer as a new one is here to tempt you again. This is comfortably the cheapest offer on the market. Voucher code: REDHOT1

View this offer: iPad Pro 9.7 £436

Cheap gaming deals

cheap Xbox One deals at Rakuten

Limited Edition 1TB Blue Xbox One Forza 6 bundle | £225 @ Rakuten

If you want something a bit more exciting than the dull looks of the standard black Xbox One, this bundle's for you. This limited edition console comes with a digital copy of Forza 6 (arguably the best racer so far this gen) and the console itself makes an engine noise when you turn it on. Use the voucher code REDHOT1 to knock the bundle down to £225.

View this offer: Blue Xbox One with Forza 6 £225

Cheap gaming deals

amazon Prime deals

Amazon Prime 1 year membership | £59 @ Amazon

Amazon has knocked £20 off its Amazon Prime membership, meaning new members can grab a full year for £59. Membership includes access to loads of TV and movie titles on Amazon Instant Video, free next day delivery on Amazon/fulfilled by Amazon items (for you and other nominated members of your home), early access to Lightning Deals and other benefits.

View this offer: Amazon Prime membership £59

Cheap gaming deals

drones for sale

Parrot Spider Drone | £43 @ Groupon

Awww, look at his evil little face. The adorable/evil looking Parrot Spider rolling minidrone is currently on offer at Groupon. Controlled via your smartphone, this is one of the cheapest drones for sale for novices. The removable rollers allow it to roll along floors or ceilings and could even stop you smashing it into a wall within seconds of liftoff.

View this offer: Parrot Spider Drone £43

Cheap gaming deals

cheap Ps4 consoles at Tesco

PS4 console | Uncharted 4 | £279 @ Tesco

Tesco has PS4s back in stock and they're once again running this very generous offer where you can grab a new C-chassis PS4 console with a copy of Uncharted 4 for just £279. Scroll down Tesco's page to see this bundle offer.

View this offer: PS4 with Uncharted 4 £279

Cheap gaming deals

The highlight of this deal is the excellent quality of games you can choose from. In addition to FIFA 16, you can add any THREE of the following: Doom, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Battleborn, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, UFC 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6, Rare Replay, Dead Island: Definitive Edition, The Division, Star Wars: Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Transformers: Devastation and Resident Evil Revelations 2. Preorder games will be delivered separately.

View this offer: Xbox One FIFA 16 bundle with three games £299.85

Cheap gaming deals

This is one of the cheapest 2-in-1 laptops on the market. It has only 2GB of RAM and 32GB storage but that's what you'd expect anyway from a Windows tablet in this price range. Except this one comes with a detachable keyboard with a proper touchpad.

View this offer: Asus 2-in-1 laptop £130

Cheap gaming deals

Uncharted 4 finally launches today and the review scores have been pretty darn high across the board. While most sellers are over £40, there's currently a seller on Amazon listing the game for £38.03 which is as good as you'll get this week we reckon.

View this offer: Uncharted 4 £41

Cheap gaming deals

The best of the rest...

Here are all of the other excellent deals we've spotted!

Cheap gaming deals


Now TV box and pass: There are two excellent bargains to be had here. £9.85 gets you a Now TV box with a remote and either a two month movie pass or a three month entertainment pass for £9.85. The passes alone usually cost more! Now TV and pass £9.85.

Gaming mousemat: This cheap gaming mousepad features an extended design and a non-slip rubber base. It's half price too. Grab your new gaming mouse pad for £8.99.

Blender: Did you weep when you saw the price of a Nutribullet after watching one of those really long TV ads? Don't worry, you can get this similar juicer blender for just £20.

Rook mobile phone: Just need a cheap phone to tide you over for a while? The EE ROOK may be the one for you. Note: A £10 top up is required at purchase. Get your phone now for £19.99 at argos.co.uk

WiFi booster: If your WiFi signal is a bit weak at home, give it a boost with the Netgear EX2700: Mini 300 Mbps WiFi Range Extender for just £19.99 at Amazon.

Soundbar: Here's a cheap way to boost your TVs all too quiet speakers. The Sond (their spelling!) TV soundbar is only £27 today.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: Head on over to our latest guide for the very best iPhone 6S deals with EE.

SanDisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB Flash Drive: It's hard to believe this tiny USB 3.0 drive packs 64GB, but there it is. Grab your mini 64GB USB drive for £11.98 delivered for Prime members.

Gaming headset: Steelseries Siberia 150: Gaming Headset works for PC and PS4 and comes with a two year guarantee for just £24.99 at Currys.

Wireless router: Looking for something to support next-gen WiFi? Check out the TP-Link Archer C5: AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Cable Router now only £42.99 at Ebuyer.

Laptop: Save £20 with this deal for the HP 250 G4 Laptop. The i5 processor and 4GB should be more than enough for any basic programs and the 500GB hard drive will be fine for most users looking for a new work laptop. Grab it now for just £280 at ebuyer.

Wireless Speaker: The LED Marsboy Bluetooth speaker produces a mini light show during music playback and can last up to 12 hours. You're saving £10 over the next best deal with this £27 offer at Amazon.

Marvel movies: Excited for Captain America: Civil War? Too right you are. Grab two Marvel Blu-Rays for just £15.99 at Amazon.

Cheap gaming deals


Divinity: Original Sin: This traditional RPG was a big hit on PC and it's great to see it on consoles at such a low price now. It can also be played online or splitscreen with a friend in co-op. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition £17.29 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Super Mario Maker: Always wanted to design your own Mario levels? Create your own fiendish stages or download tonnes of them online to play yourself. Super Mario Maker on Wii U £27.85.

Lego Jurassic World: Relive the magic of the original trilogy and the new movie in Lego form with another addictive Traveller's Tale adventure. So many Gold Bricks to find! Lego Jurassic World £16.99 on PS4.

Pink 3DS: We don't see this on offer that much nowadays so don't hang about if you've been looking for the pink version of Ninty's handheld. Pink 3DS £65.

Gravity Rush Remastered: The PS4 version of the gravity troubling early Vita title is easier to handle on the big screen and should be picked up ahead of the upcoming sequel. Feel the rush for just £13.99.

Star Wars Battlefront: The PC version of DICE's shooter really is a sight to behold. £15.99 is a great price for the physical version too.

Total War - Warhammer: Using the code 'WATCH25' you can pre-purchase Total War: Warhammer for just £29.99 - the cheapest price around.

Dragon Quest Heroes: This Dynasty Warriors-style take on the long-running JRPG series is way more fun than it has any right to be. At £14.93 for a new copy it's cheaper than anywhere else at GameSeek.

Cheap gaming deals

Archived deals:

Older deals that are still in stock at low prices

Cheap gaming deals

Voucher code: KING10

64GB is a huge amount of data for under a tenner and should be plenty for whatever you need on your compatible smartphone or tablet. The full-sized SD Card adapter will allow you to use it in larger devices like cameras and laptops too.

View this offer: 64GB Micro SD memory card £9.89

Cheap gaming deals

Remedy's Microsoft exclusive has dipped under the £30 barrier, making it very tempting this week. The time-bending antics in the gorgeous action title are also supported with a TV episode-esque narrative cutscenes. you'll also get a free Xbox One download of the rather excellent Alan Wake.

View this offer: Quantum Break on Xbox One £29.99

Cheap gaming deals

Cheap TV deals at curries

PANASONIC TX-50CX802B Smart 3D 4K 50-inch TV | £740

Voucher code: 50TVS

Looking to cover all bases with a brand new TV? Save £50 via the voucher code on this 3D 4K Ultra HD set, with Freeview HD and Smart capabilities. Sign up for the Cash for Goals offer and you'll get £10 back every time your nominated home nation team scores in the upcoming Euros. And no, you can't pick Germany!

View this offer: PANASONIC VIERA TX-50CX802B £740

Cheap gaming deals

While there's plenty of evidence Primal is a bit of a cheeky re-skin of FC4, it's a lot of fun nonetheless. Playing as a caveman, the combat is stealth reliant and uses a lot of arrows, spears and brutal clubs. Oh, and tamable owls with firebombs. Wait... what? Just go with it. You can tame a sabre-toothed tiger, set it on people or just ride it into battle. OK, so maybe it's not too stealth reliant. Fun all the way though. Get Far Cry: Primal for just £24.99 on PS4.

Cheap gaming deals

There's currently a £30 discount on this budget two in one laptop. So if you want to dive into the world of laptops with a detachable tablet screen, this isn't a bad place to start. It's not particularly powerful, but if you're only needing something for browsing, watching video in HD and editing docs and so on, this'll do nicely.

View this offer: Acer Aspire Switch £150

Cheap gaming deals

Cheap Xbox One deals at Rakuten

1TB Xbox One | The Division | £250 @ Rakuten

It's great to see this on offer again as it's £40 cheaper than the next best deal. Considering you're getting the bigger 1TB console and a copy of The Division, this is great price over the regular solus version. Note: this doesn't come with the standard headset for some reason (but hey, it's £40 cheaper).

View this deal: 1TB Xbox One The Division bundle £250.

Cheap gaming deals

Cheap 4K TV deals at Curries

LG 55UF680V Smart 4K Ultra HD 55-inch TV | £599 @ Currys

This is by far the cheapest deal for this LG model Smart TV. A great introduction to the world of 4K with a roomy 55-inches to show off the world of Netflix in 4K. Better yet, sign up to the Currys Cash for Goals scheme and you'll get £10 back every time your nominated home nation team score at the Euros.

View this deal: LG 55UF680V 55-inch 4K TV £599

Cheap gaming deals

Cheap 4K TV deals at ebuyer

Seiki SE42UA01UK 42-inch Ultra HD 4K TV | £250 @ ebuyer

An extraordinarily cheap Ultra HD 4K TV. This Seiki TV comes with Freeview HD but it's important to consider that it isn't a Smart TV, so you'll need additional equipment to watch Netflix, iPlayer and the like.

View this offer: Seiki 42-inch Ultra HD 4K TV £250

Cheap gaming deals

cheap speakers at ebuyer

Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers | £30

Reduced from £50, this 5.1 surround sound system is ideal for curious gamers and movie fans who have been thinking about expanding their setup for a while. The set includes a subwoofer and five speakers with a reasonable amount of cabling.

View this offer: Xenta XForce 5.1 speakers £30

Cheap gaming deals

Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones | £35

Tired of putting up with the weedy bass offered by in-ear headphones? Then it's time you upgraded to an overhead pair like the Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass. At £35 they won't break the bank and they're highly rated by the vast majority of buyers over at Amazon.

View this deal: Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones £35

Cheap gaming deals

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