Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020 are free from the Epic Games Store

Football Manager 2020 Epic Games Store
(Image credit: Sports Interactive)

The Epic Games Store is continuing its weekly gaming giveaways, with Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 and Stick It To The Man! all available to download and keep for free until September 24. 

Epic has consistently been giving away free games to its users ever since December 2018. We’ve seen some notable releases too, such as GTA 5, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Ark: Survival Evolved.

This week’s selection is particularly great, then, as both Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020 promise hours of entertainment. Watch Dogs 2 was recently given away free by Ubisoft, but if you missed it back then, you’re in luck.

Stick It To The Man! is also well worth your time, too. A critically-acclaimed platformer that’s genuinely funny and full of brain-teasing puzzles, the game was one of the PS Plus free games in May 2014. Check out the trailer below.

Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 and Stick It To The Man! are available until September 24, so don’t miss your chance to own three great games for absolutely nothing.

If you're interested in what's coming next to the Epic Games Store, Epic is giving away RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition from September 24 until October 1, 2020. Prepare for a few surprises, as well, as Epic has a habit of revealing games late in the day. 

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