Vodafone deals now let you share free gifts with friends and family thanks to VeryMe

Vodafone VeryMe mobile phone deals
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If you're a Vodafone mobile customer (or are considering being one), the network's latest offering could make you flavour of the month with your friends and family.

Vodafone's VeryMe rewards scheme presents loyal customers with a free gift every Friday, ranging from cinema tickets and exclusive ticket pre-orders, to free coffees, cookies, popcorn and meal deals. But now, in what Vodafone is claiming to be a UK first, you can now pass on that freebie to a friend or family member - even if they're not on a Vodafone deal themselves.

You can discover all of Vodafone's VeryMe rewards on its website

Gift a movie night this week

The first eligible gift you can forward to a friend is a free blockbuster movie. Everyone loves a film night in, especially when it's a free offering, right? Vodafone has teamed up with CHILI to to offer a free movie rentals worth up to £4.99.

To be the giver of good fun, all you need to do is go into the My Vodafone app, select the VeryMe Rewards and then "Send Gift". You can send it via WhatsApp, text or email to anyone who is lucky enough to be on your BFF list.

To be clear, VeryMe isn't new, but the dishing out of deals to other, non-Vodafone users, is the fresh advancement here.

Vidafone says that the VeryMe service, around since 2018, has dished out over 28 million rewards so far. It uses machine learning to tailor the best offers to you, so expect plenty more to come.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said “We know our customers want to be able to give something back to their friends and families. We’re delighted to be the first UK operator to let customers gift their rewards via VeryMe and the first offer is a film rental on us.”

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