Verizon's 4G-enabled Android Wear 2 smartwatch launches May 11

(Image credit: Verizon)

Known more for the wireless network that connects your devices than devices themselves, Verizon has announced it's releasing its first smartwatch on May 11.

Powered by the rolling-out-now Android Wear 2.0 software, the Wear24 is a 4G LTE-capable smartwatch with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, exclusive to Verizon's network and available in three colors — Stainless Steel, Gunmetal Black and Rose Gold.

Cellular connectivity means the Wear24 doesn't need to be constantly tethered to a smartphone to function. In addition to streaming music and downloading apps, Verizon adds you can sync your phone number to the Wear24 for handset-free calling and texting from your wrist.

Verizon's Wear24 will cost $350, though customers have the option to trim that price down to $300 with a new two-year activation plan. While a tad pricey for a wearable, the Wear24 is on the more reasonable end when you consider 4G connectivity — a feature not always included in the average smartwatch. 

Comparatively, the Samsung Gear S3 offers similar features for $350, while the Apple Watch 2 commands $369 despite not having LTE connectivity. This makes Verizon's first dip into smartwatches a potentially competitive accessory. Shame it's a carrier exclusive, though.