Three just dropped its prices on 4G and 5G home broadband - and they're really cheap

Three's 4G home broadband hub next to the words Big Savings
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When it comes to 4G home broadband, no other provider is able to offer the kind of prices that Three can. And if it wasn't already far enough in front of the competition, it has just gone and reduced its prices again.

Starting from £14 per month, we saw Three drop prices like these in a flash sale back in September. But this time you have way longer to work out whether to change up your regular home broadband for a 4G or 5G option, with the discount period coming to an end on February 10.

Three's usual price for 4G home broadband is £22 a month, so that means a total saving over the two years of an eye-catching £144.

Or, if you happen to live in one of Three's 5G regions, you can opt instead for one of its 5G Hubs and benefit for the faster speeds for "heavier streaming, lower lag for pro-gaming and increased capacity for multiple users". That's down from £29 to £21 per month... a saving over the two-year term of £192!

Three's bargain home broadband deals:

Three 4G Hub | 24 month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £22 £14 a month

Three 4G Hub | 24 month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £22 £14 a month
The cheapest of Three's 4G home broadband deals in this sale, you can get a 4G Hub with unlimited data for just £14 a month. That's the cheapest price out there for a 4G home broadband by some distance, which makes the unlimited cap especially impressive!

Three 5G Hub | 24 month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £29 £21 a month

Three 5G Hub | 24 month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £29 £21 a month
If you live in an area that has 5G coverage from Three, this plan will be the better choice, giving you internet speeds that will surpass even some of the best fibre broadband deals. Like the above 4G deal, the lowest price comes from signing up for 24 months which will only cost you a mere £21 a month.

How does 4G and 5G home broadband work?

These home broadband plans work by putting a SIM card into a router, allowing you to connect through SIM data. In this way, it is a lot like tethering onto a phone plan like you can with most phones these days. That also means that you can get set up and started in no time at all, without having to wait for engineers and long connection delays.

These routers can be connected to a number of devices while still providing strong speeds - plenty for streaming, gaming, using social media, and working from home.

What other broadband plans are available?

Obviously, mobile broadband isn't the only option out there for people needing home internet. You can always go for the more traditional broadband plans with cables and phone lines. Or another portable option is mobile broadband, or if you live in the right areas, 5G home broadband.

However, going for traditional broadband deals right now will require you to have a phone line already.

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