The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro could be Samsung’s first Dolby Atmos true wireless earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
(Image credit: XDA Developers / Samsung)

After a leak last week that showed off the outside of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, a second leak today has now given us some key details on the features of the upcoming true wireless earbuds.

The list of features, which was first spotted by a Reddit user in a pre-release APK and then reported by XDA Developers, includes spatial 3D Audio with head tracking; voice/conversation detection; Bixby voice wake-up sensor and left/right hearing adjustment in addition to new ways to control the active noise-cancellation levels.

While all of those bits are exciting, the spatial audio support is particularly interesting because it’s something Apple just implemented on the new AirPods Max and will be the first implementation of spatial audio on a Samsung pair of true wireless earbuds. With it, you'll be able to watch Dolby Atmos films with their full immersive surround sound quality - making the Galaxy Buds Pro a much more competitive pair of earbuds compared to their predecessors.

That being said, previously you could enable Dolby Atmos audio through a Samsung Galaxy phone’s settings in the past to improve sound quality, but this is the first time we’ll see spatial audio support with head tracking. 

The only other caveat here is that, from the looks of things, you’ll need to have a phone that supports Android 11 to get the spatial audio support, which rules out some older devices from seeing the feature.

Like AirPods Pro for Android owners

Over the last few years we've seen some pretty incredible, Android-friendly true wireless earbuds - the Sony WF-1000XM3 come to mind, as do the newer Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. That said, Apple has dominated the market when it comes to true wireless earbuds with its Apple AirPods Pro.

There's no guarantee that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - which have yet to even be confirmed by Samsung - will do anything to shake up the status quo, however they do seem promising in terms of their specs and feature set. As long as Samsung can keep the cost down, they could become the de facto earbuds for Android owners moving forward - though, that's a big if. 

So when will we hear more about them? Well, our best guess is that they'll make an appearance in some capacity at CES 2021 - potentially at the company's First Look event that happens before the show officially kicks off on January 11.

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