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A brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch can set you back a pretty penny, that's for sure. However, if you've been holding off that smartwatch deal, then check out these £144 off discounts from EE - available on both the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active2.

You'll still be paying £20 upfront, but with these unlimited data plan deals you'll knock £6 off your monthly sub, bringing it down to just £14 a month. Overall, this cuts the total cost you'll pay from £500 all the way down to £356 - a £144 saving over the course of a two-year period. That's only around £100 more than the standard Bluetooth-only models cost, but, with a generous helping of unlimited data - 24-months worth in fact. That's good value in our books. 

Both deals are open to existing and new customers, although you'll need a compatible Samsung smartphone that's already signed up with the EE network to take full advantage of your unlimited data plan, so bear that in mind.

These excellent Galaxy Watch offers come hot on the heels of some brand new Galaxy Watch 3 leaks, which seemingly confirm that a new generation is on its way, although details and exact dates are still cloudy right now.

Not in the UK or want a Bluetooth only version? Check out the best Galaxy Watch prices in your region just down below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: save £144 at EE

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G | EE | £20 upfront | Unlimited data | £20£14 pm
Total cost over 24 months is £356

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G | EE | £20 upfront | Unlimited data | £20 £14 pm
With a four day battery life, excellent Samsung apps, and cool rotating bezel for UI controls, the Galaxy Watch offers a great alternative to the likes of Apple with a Watch that's equally at home in the gym or on the commute. This limited time offer from EE can save you a massive £144 in total and is available on both 42 and 46mm sizes.
Total cost over 24 months is £356

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 | EE | £20 upfront | Unlimited data | £20 £14 pm

Total cost over 24 months is £356

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 | EE | £20 upfront | Unlimited data | £20 £14 pm
For something a little less bulky and more fitness focused then check out the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 - now available with the same £144 off discount at EE. Featuring a more minimalist, bezel-less design, two-day battery life and the same suite of excellent Samsung apps, the Active2 is good for those who want something a little understated on their wrist.
Total cost over 24 months is £356

Samsung Galaxy Watch bluetooth | £279£198 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch bluetooth | £279 £198 at Amazon
If you'd like to avoid those monthly bills, and don't mind dropping that cellular functionality, then Amazon are knocking £81 off the Galaxy Watch right now. You'll still be able to pair to your phone, but won't be able to take calls or use data directly from the watch, although you'll still be able to listen to tunes and do fitness tracking.
Note - this is for the pink 42mm version, if you want black, then it's available for £216 here.  

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a fantastic alternative to the likes of Apple for those of you who haven't found yourself locked into that iOS eco-system. It's got a lot of great lifestyle, productivity and fitness apps that are great off the bat, while the four-day battery life is pretty outstanding in our books. While it's definitely got a larger footprint than the Apple Watches, some may prefer that chunkier aesthetic.

If you did want something a little more slimmed down, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 loses the bezel, although it's still distinctively Samsung. You're dropping down to two-days of battery life here but getting the same apps and features in a more understated, sleek design.

For a more exhaustive study, check out our best Galaxy Watch Active deals page, which has all the best prices on the latest Galaxy Watch device. You can also find the best Apple Watch deals here at TechRadar if you'd prefer to get the perfect companion for your iPhone.

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