Samsung Galaxy Prime Day deals: these phones are still on sale

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You don't have to spend over $800 to get a great Samsung phone, and these Amazon Prime Day deals mean that you can even save a great chunk of money buying a phone outright today.

The Samsung Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51, Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S20 are all discounted on Amazon, and there's at least 20% discounted from each device with one of them even 30% cheaper than normal.

The Galaxy A51 is down to $324.99, while the Galaxy A71 is only $419.99. And while the S10 and S20 aren't "cheap", it's still a great deal to save $175 and $250, respectively, on these top-tier phones.

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB): $399.99$324.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB): $399.99 $324.99 at Amazon
Save $75 and bag yourself a cheap (but still excellent) Galaxy this week at Amazon. The A51 may be one of the baseline versions of the world-renowned Galaxy range of smartphones, but it still shares the same DNA as it's more premium siblings. A 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, 4,000mAH battery and 48MP rear camera make the A51 more than capable and a good option for Android users on a budget.

Samsung Galaxy A71 (128GB): $599.99$419.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A71 (128GB): $599.99 $419.99 at Amazon
If you like the idea of upgrading to a 5G capable Android device but don't want to break the bank, look no further than the capable Galaxy A71 - now at its cheapest price ever at Amazon. A 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, 64MP rear camera and generous 4,500mAH round off the specs on this great mid-range device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (128GB): $649.99$474.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (128GB): $649.99 $474.99 at Amazon
With a massive $175 saving, this Amazon deal on a Galaxy S10 Lite is your chance to put that renowned Galaxy quality into your hands for less this week. The Galaxy S10 Lite may forgo some of the camera features on the standard S10, but it's still got a fantastic screen, impressive battery life, and overall excellent build.

Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB): $999.99$749.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB): $999.99 $749.99 at Amazon
The Galaxy S20 is no stranger to sales at Amazon but right now it's going for its cheapest price ever at Amazon thanks to the Prime Day sales. We've always been a fan of the Galaxy range of phones at TechRadar and the S20 is no exception - a gorgeous AMOLED display, excellent camera array and plenty of power make this an easy recommendation.

If you're after a cheaper phone than a flagship, you'd be hard pressed to go wrong with the A51 or A71. Samsung's range of affordable handsets are still great options for those who don't want top-end features and want a great deal on their phone.

But if you do want that top-of-the-line Samsung tech, we've collected all of the Prime Day S10 deals and Prime Day S20 deals, which are all still live through the end of the deals event.

Have you found this article but you don't live in the US? If that's the case, you can find the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy A21 deals for where you live below.

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