Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus phones start at $475 right now

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 series sat near the very top of our best phone rankings this time last year, and the family of phones is still full of fantastic handsets that we recommend regularly.

Right now, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Lite on Amazon Prime Day with some phenomenal discounts that have seen the phone's prices drop by 20%.

These discounts have seen the price of the Galaxy S10 Lite drop down to only $475, while the Galaxy S10 is only a touch more at $575. These handsets offer some impressive spec for that low price.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB): $850 $674.99 at Amazon
This Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal at Amazon is going for its cheapest price ever today - beating the previous record by a whole $50. Even though this device is slightly older now, it's still wildly powerful, and that price is an absolute steal considering you're still getting your hands on that gorgeous  6.4-inch AMOLED screen.


Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB): $749.99 $574.99 at Amazon
This 20% saving makes the Galaxy S10 a whole $175 cheaper than the newest S20 today at Amazon - a fantastic price for a phone that's more than capable of keeping up with this year's flagships. The S10 features an updated suite of camera software, facial recognition, and of course that stunning 6.1-inch AMOLED edge screen.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (128GB): $649.99 $474.99 at Amazon
With a massive $175 saving, this Amazon deal on a Galaxy S10 Lite is your chance to put that renowned Galaxy quality into your hands for less this week. The Galaxy S10 Lite may forgo some of the camera features on the standard S10, but it's still got a fantastic screen, impressive battery life, and overall excellent build.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 series featured some of the best phones we saw in 2019, and these handsets will impress many who are upgrading from older phones or just someone who wants to see what Samsung phones are like.

Have you found this article but you don't live in the US? If that's the case, you can find the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S10 deals for where you live below.

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