Galaxy S20 deals: lowest-ever prices now available thanks to Amazon Prime Day

Amazon prime day Samsung Galaxy S20 deals sales 2020
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It's an opportune time to bag some Galaxy S20 deals right now thanks to this year's Amazon Prime Day sale yielding some of the lowest prices ever on unlocked devices. All variants are up for grabs right now, so whether you're looking for a (relatively) budget device or the most bling flagship around - you've got options.

The standard unlocked 128GB Galaxy S20 is just $749.99 right now, a whole $250 less than its normal price. Want one of the very best phones available right now? This 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra is now $1,249.99 - a potential saving of $350 in total. And that's just two examples. There are even more Galaxy S20 deals up for grabs right now across the entire range so you're absolutely spoilt for choice. Just below we've rounded all available options up, so simply scroll down to find the right device for you.

Whether you choose the standard Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra, you're getting your hands on a capable device with excellent performance, a strong camera, and of course the stunning AMOLED screens the Galaxy devices are known for. Going unlocked has plenty of advantages too as you'll be able to offset the costs on these awesome flagship devices by pairing it with your choice of data plan, of which there are plenty of awesome options outside of the big carriers.

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Galaxy S20 deals: the lowest prices ever at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$999.99 $749.99 at Amazon
The Galaxy S20 is no stranger to sales at Amazon but right now it's going for its cheapest price ever at Amazon thanks to the Prime Day sales. We've always been a fan of the Galaxy range of phones at TechRadar and the S20 is no exception - a gorgeous AMOLED display, excellent camera array and plenty of power make this an easy recommendation.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (128GB): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$1,199 $899.99 at Amazon
Bag one of this year's hottest flagships for the cheapest price ever at Amazon today - a whole $50 lower than the previous record. You won't be disappointed either, the Galaxy S20 Plus is one of our most highly recommended phones and contains myriad powerful components, excellent cameras, and of course, that amazing 6.7-inch AMOLED screen.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (512GB): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$1,349 $1,099.99 at Amazon
If you're one of those people who needs as much space on their phone's storage as humanly possible, you definitely won't want to miss this Amazon Prime Day deal on a 512GB Galaxy S20 Plus. This is the cheapest price we've seen this variant go for at Amazon so it's a rare chance to bag a big phone, with a lot of storage, for a whole lot less today.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$1,399 $1,049.99 at Amazon
For those who only want the best, the latest Amazon Prime Day sale on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is sure to be a top choice today. That's $50 cheaper than the lowest price we've ever seen on this stunning flagship device, and, make's it a lot easier on the wallet for those looking to grab an unlocked device for maximum flexibility.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (512GB): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$1599 $1,249.99 at Amazon
Don't get us wrong, this 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra is still the price of a premium laptop, but, with a whole $350 off it's now at its cheapest ever price at Amazon. With a whole host of cutting edge features, a stunning camera array and industry-leading AMOLED display, you'll be putting the most premium display around into your hands for less today.

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